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Why illeana refused Rajnikanth movie?

It is no secret that Telugu actress Ileana D'Cruz refused to pair up with Ajit and Vijay -- big names in Tamil cinema -- quite a few time earlier. But it came as a surprise when she refused to work with Rajnikanth.Of course, she did not shrug off the superstar immediately. When she was approached to work with Rajni in Soundarya's animation film, Sultan: The Warrior, Ileana gave her nod, as well as her dates for the film shoot.

It is said that Ileana -- who was once paid a cool Rs 1 crore for a Telugu film -- was willing to reduce her fee to Rs 30 lakhs for Sultan. But it appears Soundarya, the producer and director, was ready to cough up only Rs 10 lakhs for a three-four day shoot. So Ileana decided to opt out.But what has upset the actress is the rumour that she was dropped from the project, as she was not willing to compromise on her fee.

Vikram shriya Mallana shooting at hyderabad

Mallanna, the latest extravagant socio-fantasy flick starring Vikram and Shriya Saran, is being shot at a guest house in Hyderabad. Directed by Susi Ganesh and produced by Kalaipuli Thanu under Kalaipuli International banner, Super Star Krishna is playing a pivotal role in the movie. Presently, some scenes are being shot on Shriya, Vikram and Asish Vidyarthi at the Devi Home guest house, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. The film is being made as a bilingual; the Tamil version is titled Kanthaswamy. According to the script, Vikram sports different get-ups in the film and also changes his body language to suit each character. It is learnt that he would appear with a lean body in some avataars while being well-built in others. Shriya will also be seen in different get-ups with Vikram. Telugu superstar Krishna has acted in more than 350 movies over a career spanning four decades, and he is credited with a lot of firsts in the Telugu film industry such as, first colour movie, first cinemascope movie, first 70 mm movie, first cowboy movie, etc. With Kanthaswamy, Krishna will be doing his first Tamil movie after almost thirty years.

Vikram’s last movie Bheema didn’t really go down well with either the audiences or the critics. But knowing Vikram’s penchant for perfection, there will be something different and entirely unexpected to look forward to in Mallana.

Salute Review staring vishal and Nayanatara


Confusing story and narration

: Vishal, Nayanatara, Upendra and others

Music: Harris Jayaraj.

Director: Rajashekhar.

Producer: Vikram Krishna Reddy.

Satyam (Vishal) is the assistant commissioner of police who takes charge in the city police station. Tough and straightforward, he is also a warm and caring son devoted to taking care of his physically-challenged mother. At that time, the department is given directions for some urgent and inevitable shooting encounters. But AC Satyam upsets the police plans and saves those menacing rowdies from the police. When everyone is so piqued by his behaviour, Satyam offers an explanation saying that the keepers of law are not supposed to uphold it. The department is convinced by this striking explanation. Apparently, the Chief Minister is unwell and there is a severe tug-of-war that goes on between the next three officials who are in line for the position. Satyam is called in to handle the sudden unrest in the law and order that arises in the state. Meanwhile, the problem takes a threatening shape when one of the power-hungry minions chooses to appoint his goon to eliminate the rest from the race.

When the goon is all set to kill his prey, a third person substitutes for him and carries out the killings. Both the hired assassin and the minister are hassled about the intervention. Knowing their enemy-trail, they suspect the third surviving minister as the quiet culprit. But soon, he also becomes a prey to the killer’s unfailing target. Sensing trouble, the minister ropes Satyam in for his protection and for the investigation of the murders. Satyam digs through the maze and while getting through his mission to track down his final victim, Satyam meets the killer face-to-face.

An ensuing flashback reveals the background of the killer as well as his connection with the super cop. What is the connection? In what way is he linked to Satyam’s sad past? Does it reveal Satyam’s steep and gruelling climb to the top? Has the meeting revived any old confrontations? Has the rethink brought any sad truths to the surface? Do Satyam’s usual stratagems work in toning down the killer’s angst and goal? Who wins at last, Satyam, the principled cop, the merciless picador or the blood-thirsty bunch who is all set to clamber to the top? Watch the action extravaganza to know!


At the prime of his career, Vishal has indeed entered a challenging domain and his hard work and action spell nothing else but success! Watching him on the move-making those adroit moves and stunning action bits which pack so much perseverance and control or making those fluent knock-outs, cuts and thrusts in the manner and style of a master fighter is to know what real action is all about. Nayantara is adequate. Upendra’s character is one which brings in the surprise element in the story. He does his role well.

The cinematography particularly in the Vishal-Nayan hot song sequence as well as all through the action scenes is just amazing. Music, particularly the re-recording bits are good.Rajasekhar direction is not impressive.

Vishal makes the strong impression of a super-hero cum cop. Salute is indeed a spectacular production from the GK Films Corporation stables but the story is quiet confusing. In totality, the film failed to impress audiences.

Final Verdict:The movie is not impressive.Youth can like watching the movie for Nayanatara.Overall a routine average flick from vishal team.

Baladoor movie review

Rating: 3/5

Tagline: Family drama and sentiment

Cast: Ravi Teja, Anushka, Superstar Krishna, Chandra Mohan, Brahmanandam, Pradeep Rawat, LB Sriram, Sunil, Subba Raju, Parachuri Venkateswara Rao and many more.

Banner: Suresh Productions

Music: KM Radha Krishna

Producer: Suresh Babu

Screenplay & Direction: Uday Shankar

Story: Chanti (Ravi Teja) is a care-free family member in Ramakrishna (Superstar Krishna) joint family who does nothing but kicking baddies. Chandramohan who is the father of Chanti sends him out of the house. Bhanumathi (Anushka) who is a student falls in love with this Baladoor for his good deeds. Chanti who comes out of the house saves his family members from all the problems created by Pradeep Rawat and his brother-in-law Subbaraju.

In the climax, Ramakrishna and his entire family comes to know about all the good deeds of Chanti from a well-wisher and brings him back to the house along with his lady love Bhanumathi.

My analysis: Baladoor movie is a decent family entertainer but with a routine story line. One big family, one useless kid (hero) who is nice at heart. The whole family misunderstands him and he is pushed out of the house. But this good hero saves the entire family from different difficult situations but always is behind the scenes. The family realises his good deeds in the climax and the hero rejoins the family. We as audience have seen lot many telugu movies in the past with the same story line.

This weak and routine story line and a dragging second half makes this Baladoor just a watchable movie. The story writer should have taken care of the script and the screenplay in the second half should have been done better by the director to make it a better movie.

Uday Shankar who earlier directed Kalisundam Raa for Suresh Productions is still in the same mood of family stories. How could he think that a superhit story 8 years back can re-create the same magic and success again??? He could have worked more on the script part and changed it according to the new-age cinema audience.

Performances: Ravi Teja is the saving life of the movie. He has done his routine care free action in the first half and a little serious mixed with mass action in the second half.

Superstar Krishna does the role of peddanana to Ravi Teja. It is very nice to see Krishna in such kind of decent and nice role. He did his performance with ease and elan. The best part in Krishna’s action is the action sequence in the climax where he hits 10 goons at a time and proves himself once again as Superstar.

Anushka is good as heroine. She has lost the unnecessary fat in this movie which she developed for Don movie. Anushka’s role is just restricted to the songs. She showed all her glamour in the songs.

Chandra Mohan as Ravi Teja’s father, Pradeep Rawat and Subbaraju as villans are good and adequate in their roles.

Brahmanandam and Sunil created the much necessary comedy in the movie which was good.

Fights are well picturized in the movie and showed Ravi Teja’s powerful emotions in the movie.

Songs are average. Music by Radha Krishna is also average. No song can make any impression on audience except for the last song. The good part in songs is that they are all shot in good locations and sets. Another asset for the songs is Anushka.

Screenplay and direction by Uday Shankar is just average. He selected a routine and old story line and tried to give a new look to it in which he miserably failed. The story lost tempo in the second half and also he added more emotion in it because of which the audience will feel little bored.

Strengths: Ravi Teja

Weaknesses: Routine story and slow second half

Must see scenes:

1. Ravi Teja entry shot where he jumps from top of a car

2. Temple fight and market fight

3. Super star Krishna fight in the climax

Final Verdict: Can be watched once for Raviteja.Its success depends on how family audiences receive this film

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