Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pawan kalyan clarifies about his role in MEGA PARTY

Pavan Kalyan yesterday described himself as an activist in the proposed political party who would do anything he was asked to do. In an informal interaction with the media at his office, he said that at present he was only part of a team that was putting the logistics in place for Mr. Chiranjeevi’s maiden public meeting to be held in Tirupati on August 26.

When questions about his role persisted, he said he would not like to contest in the general elections. “I am not keen on an electoral fight at all. I am here only to obey instructions of my brother,” he declared. Mr. Kalyan said, “I am taking care of my brother’s security, apart from coordinating with the cultural troupes.” About 20 private guards would handle the security in addition to the presence of the district police.

In what was his first interaction ever since news of the new party started doing the rounds, Mr. Pavan Kalyan appeared evasive fielding queries about the party’s agenda, policies and other such details. However, he did speak of a rage in the minds of the people over successive governments neglecting welfare and callousness when it came to fulfilling the basic needs.

Genelia from sports star to cinestar

She might have made a place for herself in everyone’s hearts as the cute Aditi or Hasini, but Genelia insists she became an actress by accident. “Honestly, I didn’t ever dream of acting in my life. I’m a sportsperson and have been a state level athlete and a national level football player. So acting was the last thing on my mind,” say the lass.

Does that mean she will be watching the Olympics? “It’s great to see sports being promoted in India. And yes, I will be keenly following the Beijing Olympics, but not by sitting in front of the TV.” Any favourite sportsperson? “My all time favourite football player is David Beckham. I admire his looks and his stylish way of playing the game,” says Genelia.

Photo is this the Chiranjeevi Getup in politics?

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Photos: Bollywood Actress in Black dress

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