Friday, August 22, 2008

Trisha singing A R Rahman song ?

If the sources are to be believed Trisha is all set to sing a song soon. Apparently, this talented self-taught singer is planning to sing a song composed by A.R. Rahman. Trisha is counting on her upcoming Tamil film Abhiyum Naanum, in which she has given a tremendous performance. At present, she is also acting in King.

It seems Trisha loves singing and sings very well too, but is extremely shy about performing in front of an audience. She is a great fan of A.R. Rahman.

Shriya katrina mallika sherawat common thing

Shriya has been going places. But wherever she goes, she makes sure she sticks to her health plan – drinking five litres of water everyday! She claims this gives her perfect health, keeps her skin supple and promotes her complexion as well. She says that it is very important for actors to drink plenty of water given the fact that they spend too much time under arclights or the sun.
Shriya says apart from this, a good sunscreen is very important for an actor. And except for a nourishing cream at bedtime, she does not do much for her skin.

Bollywood queen Katrina Kaif, believes in hydrating her body constantly with water and fruits rich in moisture such as melons, kiwis, and cucumber. Another fan water is Mallika Sherawat, who has a preference for Evian, the French brand of mineral water, which she claims to have miraculous health benefits, as believed by the discoverer of its spring and most French people.

Drinking more water is very good for health.Why can't u follow?

colors swati getting married on 27th of this month

The Danger girl Colors Swathi is getting married to a Dubai based business man Mr. Srikanth on 27th August.

As for filmanar sources, the marriage will take place in Tirupathi on 27th of August.

Colors Swathi is Astachemaa with director Indraganti Mohana Krishna will hit the screens very soon.

Chiru Mahesh fans Clash. Fans be cool.

A clash is reported between Chiru and Mahesh Babu erupted while Chiru fans gathered at Prasad Gardens at Vizag, this morning to celebrate their favorite hero's birthday removed Mahesh's cutout placed at the site.

Knowing the incident Mahesh Babu fans rushed to the spot which later turned as a clash.

One person named Bujji received injuries and rushed to nearby hospital and admitted.

It is reported some local Congress leaders visited to enquire about his condition.

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