Sunday, August 31, 2008

Heroines taking pride in learning telugu

Speaking Telugu like a native is in these days. Priyamani, the famous Tollywood actress, is Malayali by birth and has grown up in Benguluru. But she speaks Telugu fluently and takes pride in it. This Malayali kutty says, “Since I can speak the language it becomes easy for me to converse with my unit on the sets. I am confident I can do my own dubbing very soon.” However, this trend of learning the language by non-Telugu actors dates back to the 90s when Amrish Puri did his own dubbing for movies. Prakash Rawal, the popular villain has taken a leaf out of Puri’s book and does his dubbing himself.
Madhushalini, one of the few Telugu speaking actresses in the industry says, “I think this condescending attitude towards Telugu developed in the younger generation because we were restricted from speaking in Telugu at school. Soon, it became “downmarket”. But that’s changing now.” Madhu confesses that the language is one unifying factor in an industry like Tollywood where talent is outsourced from all parts of the country. “It’s a language we think, speak and even dream in. Thankfully, new age T’wood movies have done their bit in making Telugu cool again.”
Some have learnt it from their colleagues and some by watching Telugu films. Says Nikita, a Punjabi by birth, “Nitin helped me learn the language when we were shooting for Sambaram. I also picked up a lot after watching Telugu movies.”

Nagarjuna about Megastar political entry

Nagarjuna said to media 'We need leaders, we need politics, but the politics don't suit me'. Nag further said ' Politics need a typical mentality, I feel that I don't have , so there is no room for me entering in to the politics'.

When asked about Megastar's entry in to politics- Nag said ' A friend is entering in to new venture, what else we can say except all the best'.

Revolver was found out in actor's wife bag

Telugu film star couple Rajasekhar and Jeevita on Saturday created a sensation at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad by trying to board an aircraft with a revolver.

They were stopped by security personnel when they noticed a revolver in Jeevita's handbag. When questioned, they said it was their licensed revolver and that their servant, by mistake, kept it in the bag.

The actor was trying to board the Chennai-bound flight when they were stopped by airport security personnel. The revolver was later handed over to the Shamshabad police.

The couple had to cancel their visit and they got their revolver back only after producing a copy of their licence.

The couple recently joined Andhra Pradesh's ruling Congress party. They had also sought police protection on the ground that they faced a threat to life.

Three months ago, they were attacked by Telugu actor Chiranjeevi's fans who were protesting Rajasekhar's comments about the superstar's plunge into politics.

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