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Genelia Tarun with creative director

Genelia is being paired up with hero Tarun for the yet to be titled telugu film directed by creative director Krishna Vamsi. Sunkara Madhu Murali is the producer of the movie. Vidyasagar will be providing music for the film. Genelia has gathered much fame not only in tolywood but also in bollywood after the tremendous success of the Hindi film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na opposite Imran Khan.She is now considered as a lucky mascot.

Ankit Pallavi & friends review

Film: Ankit pallavi and friends movie review

Rating: 3.25/5

Cast: Nikhil, Meghna Burman, Seetha, Naresh and others

Music: Vinnu Thomas

Director: Hari Yeleti

Release Date: September 05, 2008

Ankit, Pallavi & friends is a story about a group of friends, their ambitions, their ways to fulfill their aims and finally the importance of friendship. The film concludes at the end by defining friendship, it is done in a well narrated way and so is worth watching. But, if the star cast was little bit better, the film would have become a big hit.


Ankit (Nikhil) is a youngster who has only one aim and that is to become a star musician. Seeing his ambition very much possible and of high quality, his parents support him in all possible ways to make his dream fulfilled.

Pallavi (Meghna) is girl with a varied thinking attitude from Ankit. She wants to live a life and wants to be financially sound by earning some bucks through her job. She feels that the youngstars with care free attitude always land up in trouble, where as those youngsters who carefully plan up their future succeed in the future the most. Pallavi is software professional in a big multinational company

Ankit and Pallavi have three other common friends who have different ambitions.

The first friend has an ambition to become a US citizen.The second friend wants to help the needy and wants to take up social service as a profession. And the third one has an ambition to become a big businessman.

Ankit and Pallavi fall in love with each other. But Pallavi has a problem with Ankit. She is unable to tolerate the lighthearted attitude of her beloved. She advises him to aim his future and career. If Ankit doesn’t leave his go free attitude then Pallavi warns him that he has to loose her and her love.

What happens next?whether ankit succeed in his aim and in his love to be watched on the silver screen?

At the end, the person who desires to get a US visa finally gets it, but he sacrifices it for his friendship and thinks that it is worthless before their mighty friendship.


Nikhil has done his role well and his character is almost same as his real life character.Meghna suits to her character well. Her pretty and innocent face is well apt to the character of Pallavi.

Seetha and Naresh play their small roles very well. As senior artists their acting skills need no judgment at all.

Pavan, venu, Surya and Pradeep play their roles in a interesting way. They get into the character and give a lively example of a group of friends in real life. The comedy element is well carved and the day to day lives of each and every youngster is well said in a funny way.

Parents can also get some stuff from this film and this can help them in judging their children’s careers.

The director Hari has embossed the subject into a lively film. But if this film could have managed little bit bigger star cast like the hero and the heroine faces replaced by some known heroes it would have pleased to more audiences.

Final Note:

On the whole this film is a well deserved film and I recommend personally to watch this film for every youngstar.It will be definitely fun watching this movie with your friends.Go with your friends and enjoy the movie.

Saroja Telugu movie review

Film: Saroja

Rating: 3/5

Cast: Premgi, S P Charan, Vaibhav, Shiva, Prakash Raj, Jayaram, Sampath, Nikitha, Kajal Agarwal, Vega

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Director: Venkat Prabhu

Release Date: September 05, 2008

After a cool outing in Chennai-28, director Venkat Prabhu has come out with a taut thriller in Saroja. However, quite like his maiden venture, Saroja too is a fable of friendship, a story of emotions between pals and a tale of twists and turns.

With almost everyone of the cast and crew of Chennai-28 are there in the movie at least in a small role, Saroja takes us back to the cricket story while taking Indian cinema front in terms of film making and story telling.


The story is so simple. The screenplay is straight forward. And the execution is honest. It starts with four youngsters Jagapathi Babu (S P Charan ), Ganesh Kumar (Premgi), Ajay Raj (Shiva) and Chinni (Vaibhav) leave for Hyderabad to watch a cricket match.

They lose their way due to a tanker mishap on the National Highway they travel and enter the ‘den’ of a rowdy gang, which had kidnapped Saroja (Vega), the daughter of a rich entrepreneur Vishwanathan (Prakasraj).

With Vishwanathan and his friend Assistant Commissioner of Police Ravichandran (Jayaram) taking steps to get Saroja back, the four-member team rescues her and escape from the kidnappers after all travails.

However, when they are about to reach a safe place, they are into a sudden shock, which turns entire things upside down. What’s it is the interesting climax, which is interesting, gripping and of course breathtaking.


All four lead actors- Charan, Premgi, Shiva and Vaibhav have come out with their best. No need to talk about Prakashraj and Jayaram, both synonyms with apt performance. Nikitha oozes glamour while Vega emotes well.

The real strengths of the movie are Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music and Sakthi Saravanan’s cinematography. Both do magic from the beginning till end, not to forget about the editing by Praveen K L and Srikanth N B.

Final Note:

In short, Saroja shines and sizzles and undoubtedly a trendsetting movie like Chennai-28. And all credits should go to director Venkat Prabhu, who has once again proved his talent. keep it Up Prabhu.The movie is defintely a paisa vasool movie

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