Monday, September 8, 2008

Pawan-Charan-Trivikram to do a movie

As per the filmnagar sources, Pawan Kalyan is all set to produce a film with Ramcharan teja playing the lead role. Trivikram Sreenivas,who gave a blockbuster hit to pawan will be directing this film.

But Ramcharan Teja may do his next movie with bhaskar and trivikram is busy with mahesh babu varudu.This movie may go to sets after they complete their current projects.Tentatively this project may go to sets in fourth quarter of next year.

Pawan is said have paid huge amount in advance for Trivikram Sreenivas for this purpose.

NTR Murugadas combo soon

Tamil director Murugadass who proved his talent with films like Ghazini,Stalin with megastar is likely to direct young tiger NTR.Financier turned producer Sinamala Ramesh who has NTR dates is trying to rope Murugadass as director for that film.

Murugadass is currently giving final touches to amir khan starer ghazini and NTR is ready to do film with VV Vinayak.After the current assignments this dream combo may takes place.

But one has to wait and see, how far ramesh succeed in roping Murugadass for NTR.

Photo: Rajnikanth Robot shooting starts

Photos: A Aa E Ee Srikanth Sada stills

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What Asin says about name 'Asin' !

Having stormed Telugu and Tamil cinema industy Asin has now moved to Hindi films to conquer bollywood.

"I guess I'm lucky. But yes I feel hugely welcome in Mumbai. I don't know why filmmakers are showing so much interest in me. I guess they must've seen my work in Tamil and Telugu."

"Thanks for pronouncing my name correctly. Most people tend to give it an Islamic spin. 'Asin' is coined from Sanskrit and English. It means 'sinless' like 'Amala'….without blemish. I hope I live up to my name in Mumbai."

"I can manage hindi quite well. And I don't have a thick South Indian accent. In these days of globalization I don't think language is a barrier.

"And I'm only looking for good roles regardless of the language. I'm interested in films in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and any other language as long as the projects are exciting. I look at the script, then the role, director, banner and finally my co- star."

"I guess I'm pretty normal and grounded. Because of the so-called stardom down South people expect me to behave in a particular way. And they're disappointed when I don't."

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