Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Priyamani forgiving nature for producers

Priyamani has a warm and forgiving nature which many may not know, when she recalled her past she stated that there were times when even she was running in all woods to get a break in the industry and there were a few who rejected her.

Today, she is a famous star,national award winner and the same people have been coming to her with offers. Priya says there is no point carrying old grudges so she is happy that they have now recognized her potential and are coming to her.

Anushka happy incident in life

Anushka when asked what makes you really happy in life, she stated that from childhood I am a cool and calm going girl but when I was to teach Yoga I used to get a bit tensed when I get into class room. Over there people were more aged than me, for all of them I am guru, I am really surprised how I could start and finish the class.
I used to come home and disclose everything to my mother, I never used to get sleep at all. That gave me lot of pleasure which I can't forget through out my life.

Photos: NBK NTR nandamuri family @ Public event

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