Tuesday, November 4, 2008

illeana quiting night parties

illeana turned recently to 23 years, she celebrated this event in presence of her family members in her native place Goa. From now onwards she would not be attending late night parties. As she feels that when she goes for late night party she is not having proper sleep at night and next morning when she goes for shooting, both director and producers are expressing their displeasure seeing her face tired .

Will Yuva(kamma) garjana beats PRP meet?

Now this is the main discussion among Nandamuri fans.They want Yuva garjana to be as successful as PRP meet held at tirupati.But many predict that it is not possible.Chiranjeevi has huge following among all class of people while mainly chowdaries supporting yuvagarjana.Also all the faces on the posters of TDP's Yuvagarjana are Kammas.Tomorrow it looks like most of the people who attend yuva garjana are also from kammas.Many people calling it as kamma garjana instead of yuva garjana.Will yuvagarjana beats PRP meet?Is Balakrisha a successful competiter for Megastar?Only tomorrow people comes to know this.

Who is behind throwing EGGS on chiranjeevi?

Chiranjeevi is at the centre of telangana in Warangal tour. Some unidentified activists attacked Chiru by throwing eggs at him. They sought a clear declaration on Telangana.

“I know that politics are not a bed of roses. There are chances for garlands as well as stones, I had already clarified my stand on Telangana, don’t do all these things", said Chiranjeevi reacting to this incident.

Who did this is a big question? Some sources say that TDP alleged in this activity,TDP bribed KCR to do these things.While some TDP supporters said that chiranjeevi himself arranged three people to do this activity and he is using his criminal movie knowledge to get sympathy among telengana people.They are also saying that Only Chiranjeevi gets benefited from this incident.Chandrababu,KCR knows this basic thing and they are not that fools to hire some people for throwing eggs on chiranjeevi. While media says "Anyway who ever did this PRP gets good publicity among telangana people".

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