Saturday, November 29, 2008

I was bit tensed says actress siya

Seiya currently staying in a hotel at Bangkok along with the crew of nenithe due to anti-government protestors seizing the airport.

She was there shooting for a song for her debut Telugu film Neninthe with co-star Ravi Teja and director Puri Jagannath and other unit members. Luckily, the entire crew were still in their hotel packing, when the airport was seized by anti-government protestors and a couple of bombs exploded.

We were in the hotel when we heard about the attack. However, I was worried since I have other shooting assignment back home," she says. It has been a lucky escape for the unit or else it would have been a nightmarish experience for them. Thank God!

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Charmi voice to Genelia in Krishnavamsi flick

Charmy the beautiful heroine from Punjabi starred in many krishna vamsi flicks like 'Sri Anjaneyam' , 'Chakram', 'Rakhi'. She dubbed herself the voice in the all above movies.Later in Chandamama of krishnavamsi she rendered her voice to Sindhu Menon, presently she is rendering her voice in the flick 'Shashirekha Parinayam ' to Genelia. It seems there is good understanding between Charmy and Vamsy, with this understanding she has agreed to render her voice.

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