Saturday, January 31, 2009

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About TV5:
TV5 is a 24-hour news channel in Andhra Pradesh with unique news programs. The “5” in “TV5” is derived from the 5 viz.,basic amenities ‘HEALTH’, ‘FOOD’, ‘EDUCATION’, ‘CLOTHING’ AND ‘HOUSING’ which are the most important basic requirements for any human being.

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About TV9:
TV9 was the first 24-hour news channel (TV9 Telugu) in Andhra Pradesh started in 2004, and quickly became a ratings leader with their unique brand of bold and fearless journalism. It was the top news channel in Telugu.

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About Maa TV:
MAA TV is a leading Telugu TV Channel network known for its vibrant, innovative, pleasant, versatile and interactive programming.

As the name 'MAA' indicates (Maa means 'ours' in Telugu), MAA TV is very close to the hearts of its viewers and it stands out from the cluster of channels through its programming quality. Emotional connect with the viewers has been the core strength and hallmark of MAA TV.

MAA TV is among the top 25 TV channels out of more than 400 channels that operate in the country now.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why does this short skirt telugu actress has no offers?

Did you notice this actress? She is not the new actress, she is Veda alias Archana. She is from andhra pradesh, but she looks like from north india.She debuted the telugu film industry with film Nenu. At that time she said “People still think North Indian and Mumbai imports are the only ones suited for glamourous roles. I want to change that perception, atleast at personal level.” But she didnt get any offers in big films. Though she looks glamorous, she even not getting offers in small films. She is doing one movie Bank with jackie sheroff which started long time back and the movie is releasing tomorrow. Hope she gets some offers from telugu films. I dont understand why telugu producers and heros always inclined to Mumbai or malayali girl, need to give chances to our telugu beauty.

Satyameva jayathi audio release photos

Watch Pawan kalyan and renu desai marriage video

Video: Balakrishna says "PRP asalu poti kadu"

Rajnikanth aishwarya rai ROBOT new photo gallery

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Its Ramcharan teja vs NTR in politics!

It is already known that Ram Charan Teja is singing a song for prajarajyam party to support his megastar. Manisharma composed the music for the song. The song has already shaped out very well. Now TDP also wants to follow PRP and according to film nagar sources, Chandrababu Naidu already requested NTR Jr. to come up with a number. NTR jr who has good interest in singing already sang 2 songs in his previous films. Lets wait and watch to know whether he will sing 3rd song for TDP.

Charmi manjula kavya's dairy 3 TRAILERS

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Trailer 3:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Does Ram lacks what NTR has!

After some superb dances in Devadas(No great steps in jagadam and ready), ram is back with Maska where he performed some amazing steps in1st song (Hare Hare rama) and last song (Bagdad Gajadonga). However we can see that ram lacks the ease what NTR jr has. We can observe that some steps in Hare hare rama song are similar to vayasunami song in kantri. Prem rakshit is the choregrapher of both the songs. But ram is not so impressive in steps like NTR. Though he performed some hard numbers, he never performed them with ease. We can see him performing the steps with much difficulty. Ram has to work hard to reach NTR in dances. what do you guys say?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Siva putrudu director new movie NENU DEVUDINI

Bala is the one director who always wants to make different films. ‘Sethu’ and ‘Siva Puthrudu’ are the examples of typical bala films. Bala is coming back after a long gap of three years with ‘Nenu devudini’ starring Arya and Pooja in the lead. The movie is a dubbed version of tamil film.
The movie story takes place in the backdrop of Varanasi, Arya plays the role of an Aghori Sadhu in the film. It is about an abandoned boy who grows up among the Sadhus.The film is getting simultaneously releasing in Telugu and Tamil on February 6th.

Simran in tamil remake of Taxi no 9211

Simran will be acting in taxi no 9211 remake in kollywood. The movie titled as TN07 L 4777. Earlier the movie was made in telugu with mohan babu, shobana, vishnu and parvati melton as Game and the film bombed at box office. But simran was very happy to do the remake of the nana patekar starrer. "I have watched the movie long time back and was trilled to act in the tamil version. I wanted to work in variety movies, if some writers comes up with a good script keeping me in mind I will be much more happier to work in those kind of films" says heart throb simran.

Ramcharan Teja will be singing for Praja Rajyam Party

Ramcharan teja will be singing a song for the Praja rajyam party. Mani sharma will be composing the music for the song. Lyrics are written in a such a way to inspire all the people about Praja rajyam party.Check out this video for the song.

NTR jr to do a movie in kalyanram's banner

Video: Pawan kalyan emotional speech at warangal

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Video: Debate on Pawan kalyan's encounter

Video Song: Nayanatara's Lakshmi Bava song

Akshay kumar wants to do MASKA in hindi

Akshay kumar got a great stardom in bollywood with five of his last six movies except chandini chowk to china become super hits. The hit films include Namaste london, hey baby, bhool buliaya, welcome and singh is kinng. Now with CC2C bombed at box office, akshay wants to come with a good script for next movies. Meanwhile he watched the film maska recently and liked the movie. He impressed with the characterisation of ram and he thinks the role suits well for him.

So Akshay asked representative of venus to hyderabad to purchase remake rights of maska from MS Raju. If everything goes well then we can see akshay playing the role of ram.

illena beautiful PHOTOS from Raviteja's KICK

Telugu producer makes highest profit on hindi film

His business acumen and taste was well-established when he procured the rights of Tamil film Ghajini. Initially, he thought of re-making the action thriller in Telugu but later altered his plans to release the dubbed Telugu version and it paid off. Obviously, the next big destination for the ace producer was to re-make the film in Hindi and after browsing a few choices he finally roped in Aamir Khan. And as they say, the rest is history as the talented actor took the film under his wings to turn it into a blockbuster.

Novel theme, great makeovers (not to mention some freak accidents on the sets) and over-the-top promotion worked wonders to gross around Rs 200 crore in the initial collections itself and the film is still going strong. "Undoubtedly, the producer could easily make a profit of around Rs 50 to 60 crore in the end. Besides varied rights, he would have distributed the film on `sharing basis' in major centres across the country by tying up with a Mumbai-based distribution company," says a trade analyst, who marks it as a highest profit ever made by a Telugu producer on a Hindi film.

At one point of time, stars like Jeetendra thrived on Telugu remakes and was also branded a 'Southie' star. "Even other top Bollywood stars kept track of Telugu hits and vied with each other to act in remakes," says a leading producer. Even thespian Ramanaidu who made Hindi hits like Prem Nagar, Dildaar and Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain feels the same. "Even today Bollywood stars would love to do a film with us, but we need a sensational Telugu hit on hand and rest will fall in place," he asserts.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Trisha reaches nayanatara and anushka!

Trisha is now demanding 1 crore rupees for the lead role in gopichand movie. Earlier nayanatara and anushka are the only heroines who got thhis much amount for a film. Interestingly both the heroines got this remuneration for the same film which is remake of DON. Now trisha joins the list.

Trisha will be playing opposite Gopichand for the first time.Siva of Shauryam fame directing this movie. Sathyaraj plays Gopichand’s dad in the movie.

KBL heroine swetha prasad increases her weight!

KBL girl Swetha Basu Prasad has put on some weight after the release of Kotha Bangaru Lokam. The actress is studying her 12th class has increased her weight so that she may look a girl at age 20 in the films and she could be cast opposite to some other heros also who are not teenagers.

Some of her recent photographs in 100 days function of kbl clearly showcases the more weight put on by swetha. Swetha Basu Prasad just doing what comes to her naturally and does not taking any special care,diet etc.She is having fun acting in films.

Colors swathi new photo gallery

Video: AR Rahaman speaking telugu Interview

Video: Chiranjeevi speech in road show at chittoor

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is Arundati bommarillu for anushka?

Arundati, the movie declared to be a super hit from all section of audience and anushka also got some rave reviews for her excellent performance in dual role. Last year was not so lucky for anushka, even with big movies like okka magadu, chintakayala ravi she didnt taste any success and by seeing okka magadu one can decide that anushka cannot act . But now with arundati anushka silenced her critics. She had only one movie in hand with prabhas before release of arundati. But now producers are behind anushka for dates. And it is rumoured that she is charging a whooping 1.5 crores per film. We all know how bommarillu changed fate of genelia.Now arundati is considered as bommarillu for anushka and this movie is sure to take anushka to another level.

Can NTR be as effective as Pawan kalyan?

We all know that pawan kalyan created the required heat in PRP campaign as youth president of the party. Now all eyes are on NTR jr. NTR seems to be not interested in supporting TDP, Though he said in an interview that as his Grandpa established the party, he has always full support to the party. He didnt attend any campaigns for TDP upto now and he seems to be busy in shooting of his new movie in the direction of vv vinayak. Suppose if NTR decides to campaign for TDP, he will be having the same position what pawan kalyan has in PRP. But one question is araising in all minds. Can NTR speak as effective as pawan kalyan? And can NTR jr do what pawan did to PRP. Only time will say the answer.

Videos: Bala Krishna To Contest From Hindupur?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trisha enjoying holidays with her friends

Trisha seems to take break every year end with her close friends. The actress, known to be a fun freak, really loves to have breaks which energizes her. With a hectic December with two releases, King in Telugu and Abiyum Naanum in Tamil, she could not take break in december and now the actress has decided to give a break and is currently in Gold Coast, Brisbane in Australia. She will be chilling out for the rest of the month and will return to India on January 30. Hope trisha had some good time at brisbane with her friends.

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