Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Can NTR be as effective as Pawan kalyan?

We all know that pawan kalyan created the required heat in PRP campaign as youth president of the party. Now all eyes are on NTR jr. NTR seems to be not interested in supporting TDP, Though he said in an interview that as his Grandpa established the party, he has always full support to the party. He didnt attend any campaigns for TDP upto now and he seems to be busy in shooting of his new movie in the direction of vv vinayak. Suppose if NTR decides to campaign for TDP, he will be having the same position what pawan kalyan has in PRP. But one question is araising in all minds. Can NTR speak as effective as pawan kalyan? And can NTR jr do what pawan did to PRP. Only time will say the answer.

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