Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is Arundati bommarillu for anushka?

Arundati, the movie declared to be a super hit from all section of audience and anushka also got some rave reviews for her excellent performance in dual role. Last year was not so lucky for anushka, even with big movies like okka magadu, chintakayala ravi she didnt taste any success and by seeing okka magadu one can decide that anushka cannot act . But now with arundati anushka silenced her critics. She had only one movie in hand with prabhas before release of arundati. But now producers are behind anushka for dates. And it is rumoured that she is charging a whooping 1.5 crores per film. We all know how bommarillu changed fate of genelia.Now arundati is considered as bommarillu for anushka and this movie is sure to take anushka to another level.

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