Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why does this short skirt telugu actress has no offers?

Did you notice this actress? She is not the new actress, she is Veda alias Archana. She is from andhra pradesh, but she looks like from north india.She debuted the telugu film industry with film Nenu. At that time she said “People still think North Indian and Mumbai imports are the only ones suited for glamourous roles. I want to change that perception, atleast at personal level.” But she didnt get any offers in big films. Though she looks glamorous, she even not getting offers in small films. She is doing one movie Bank with jackie sheroff which started long time back and the movie is releasing tomorrow. Hope she gets some offers from telugu films. I dont understand why telugu producers and heros always inclined to Mumbai or malayali girl, need to give chances to our telugu beauty.

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