Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ram charan teja fastly recovering from injury

RAM CHARAN TEJ who hurt his leg while shooting for his next film is recouping at home. Was he hurt badly? "Nothing serious, it's a minor injury and I am recovering fast," he said. He’s spending his time by watching classic movies and also browsing through some self-help books. Unfortunately, even before this 'news' could sink in, another major mishap occurred on the sets of the same film severely injuring action choreographer PETER HEINS. We are forced to remind you about freak accidents that occurred during the making of Hindi film Ghajini. The connection between these two films is ace filmmaker ALLU ARVIND.
who has produced both. So, will this semi-periodic film turn out to be a blockbuster like Ghajini? That'll be interesting to find out. -TOI

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