Sunday, April 5, 2009

AR Rahman wants to leave him alone

Tired of the relentless attention ever since he triumphed at the Oscars,
composer A.R. Rahman requests all to let him be..

"I'd just like to retreat in my cave for a while," Rahman told IANS. After winning the two golden statuettes for his compositions in "Slumdog Millionaire", Rahman is inundated with offers. "The workload is getting heavier. Rahman is inundated with work from both home and abroad. He has taken on one new Bollywood project Abbas Tyrewala's '1-800-Love' and he needs to finish Tony D'Souza's 'Blue' whose background score and the Kylie Minogue item are yet to be completed." Rahman is also disturbed by the rumours. "Rahman has to deal with false stories about his global conquests. Like the one that said he had replaced David Beckham in a cellphone ad for a staggering fee," said a close friend of the composer. Friends feel he's being put under tremendous performance anxiety and this may reflect on the quality of his work. "Rahman has decided to stay completely away from the public glare for some time. He is currently spending time on the music
of Abbas Tyrewala's film. Then he has called Tony D'Souza to Chennai to complete the music of 'Blue'. After that he will quietly leave for London and the US. Under no circumstance will he allow himself to be put under the microscope."


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