Thursday, April 2, 2009

ASIN's second hindi film releasing this friday

Good news for all Asin fans. After being seen in ‘Ghajini’, she would be seen in ‘Dasavatharam’ which releases next Friday. Though the Tamil version was released worldwide in June last year, the dubbed Hindi version is arriving after a gap of nearly a year.
Interestingly, Asin has a double role to play in the film. She plays a woman from both the 12th century as well as the 21st century. Incidentally, in both the roles, she plays a Brahmin woman. The film's USP is Kamal Hassan who plays as many as ten different roles in the film. Another female lead in the film is Mallika Sherawat.
"Asin walked into a role which was originally meant for Vidya Balan", says an industry insider, "However, due to date issues, Vidya had to walk out of the project and Asin stepped in." He maintains that consenting to work in ‘Dasavatharam’ really helped Asin's standing in the industry. "She gained a lot from the film since her performance was appreciated on a scale similar to that of the Tamil version of ‘Ghajini’. The Hindi version of ‘Ghajini’ arrived only later (in December 2008) and since then her stocks have been on a rise."

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