Sunday, April 26, 2009

Siddarth demanded Rs 3 Cr Remuneration and got rejected

Aamir Khan is holidaying with kids, but back home speculations of a fall-out between him and his Rang De Basanti co-star Siddharth have come to the fore. The South actor, who is a close buddy of Aamir’s, was offered a role in Khan’s Delhi Belly, but Siddharth apparently quoted so huge a fee (approx Rs 3 crores) that it left AK upset. While some say that the two are not on talking terms, a few unit members have another story to tell. “The movie is about three guys who are roomies,” informs the official spokesperson of Aamir’s production house. “The plan was always to cast relative newcomers in the film. While Imran Khan was signed on to play one of the three roomies, we conducted several auditions for the other two. Kunal Roy Kapoor and Veer Das were ultimately zeroed in for the roles. Siddharth wasn’t supposed to be part of the film. So there shouldn’t be any bone of contention.” Hmm, let’s follow this dostana…

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