Monday, May 4, 2009

Hamsa Nandini gets into action

Hamsa Nandini of Anumanaspadam fame can’t stop gushing about Jagapathi Babu these days. “He’s the most goodlooking actor in Tollywood… he’s got an eye for fashion… his voice is deep and commanding…” she goes on. JB who loves to play a cop at every given chance seems to have inspired the tall dusky actress to emulate him. For her new film Adhineta where she plays a cop, the actress went through some gruelling training session that included waking up at 4 am to practice kickboxing and martial arts. “I did the stunts myself,” says the actress. “I’d like to do a complete action film, if I am offered one,” she says. Hmmm. We’ll wait for that one!

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