Monday, June 1, 2009

Asin and her Japanese co-star into action from June 4

Asin and her Japanese co-star Tadanobu Asano will start training in Kalaripayattu for Bharat Bala’s film 19th Step from June 4. The gorgeous Asin (who most of Bollywood is threatened by after she walked away with Best Debutant trophy at the Filmfare Awards) had hurt her hand, and hence, the training in the traditional form of martial art had to be deferred. Asin says, “My hand is fine now. I’m in Chennai for a couple of days for some commercial, then I will fly to Cochin and later to Trivandrum for the kalari training.” Asano has also arrived in India. He took the train from Cochin to Chennai to meet Kamal Haasan the other leading man in the film. He will join Asin for their onscreen combat. While on the topic of Asin, the girl is still loyal to her childhood memories (her family albums, toys, dresses and gifts). Her greatest love was and still are her favourite Archie comic books. “I have been stuck on them since I was nine years old,” she reveals. The Ghajini star says she has the biggest collection of them and still keeps adding to it. She can’t go anywhere in the world unless Archie accompanies her.

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