Thursday, June 25, 2009

Balakrishna is better than NTR jr, Mahesh and Pawan kalyan!

Yuvaratna Balakrishna is setting as an example to the young heros. Though his movies are not becoming hits, he is doing movies immediately one after the other without any breaks. Recently in an interview he shared his thoughts and stated that there was a time when he did seven to eight movies per year and now he is finding it hard to happen. He says that the directors have to increase the speed in making of movies.

NBK is coming with BHEESHMA after mitrudu. While mahesh babu, who has a great fan following is coming up with a film after a gap of 2 years. NTR jr is also taking almost one year for one film. Similar is the case with powerstar pawan kalyan. Young heros should follow NBK atleast in making movies fast (but not in story selection). To decide No.1 spot in tollywood, more films with different characters need to be done. Is NTR, Mahesh and pawan listening?

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