Monday, August 17, 2009

Nagachaitanya's kotha bangaru lokam is now JOSH

We were hearing some gossips at the time of release of kotha bangaru lokam that actually this movie is made for Nagachaitanya but Nagarjuna doesnot like the soft characterisation of hero in the film and hence varun sandesh came into picture.

But recently Dil Raju revealed the story behind it. He said inital title for JOSH is Kotha Bangaru Lokam. But then raju thought that kotha bangaru lokam title is apt for the varun sandesh movie and then changed the title of Nagachaitanya's movie to JOSH.

The movie unofficial release date is 29th of this month. But Dil Raju needs to confirm it officially. Yester years herione Radhs's daughter is playing the female lead in this movie.

We have to wait and see whether Nagachaitanya becomes a true successor of Nagarjuna just like Ramcharanteja.

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