Monday, August 10, 2009

Sameera Reddy talks about her Malaysian experience

She’s back from a hectic schedule in Malaysia for her upcoming film asal. The tall lass has a different outing in this film as she plays an uber cool, corporate woman. So, stylish and sophisticated is the way to go for her! Apart from Saran’s Asal, the actress is also busy with Priyadarshan’s Hindi film and will soon team up with Gautham Menon. Chennai Times got talking to her about her Malaysia experience and the unsavoury incident that’s left her “shocked and angry”.

We hear that you had a small fight with the PMO guards in Malaysia. What exactly happened?
I was upset by the way the security guards assaulted me in the elevator. I was left fuming. I was later told that it was the PMO guards, but I have no confirmation on the same.

How did the fight get resolved?
The hotel security begged me not to make it a big issue. I understand their anxiety, but I’m upset because it was an unnecessary situation.

How did the shooting schedule go?
We had a great time shooting there. The scenes are very stylish and sophisticated, and I’m pleased with my look in the film. My character in Asal is a lot different from my role in Vaaranam Aayiram.

Malaysia is well known for scuba diving. Did you try your hand at it?
I was looking forward to scuba diving and snorkelling, but as we were shooting round the clock, there was no time.

How is Ajith as a co-star? Tell us something about the chemistry you shared with him.
Ajith is such an interesting person. I wanted to learn about photography and he gave me a lot of tips on that front. In fact, I bought a new camera and he helped me learn its nuances thoroughly. As far as the chemistry is concerned, I think we look great together. Just wait and watch.

Have you picked up Tamil? What’s your favourite Tamil word now?
I guess I have picked up a little bit, but I’m still learning. In Chennai, the most often used phrase in my experience is — deiva seidhu kadavu moodunga (please close the door). I laugh every time I hear it because it sounds very funny!

Courtesy: TOI

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