Friday, September 25, 2009

Earn MONEY online free Instantly with Best PTC Site

Have you ever thought of earning money online? Its not that difficult either. PTC sites provides one of the best oppurtunities for earning money online.

What are PTC sites? PTC means Paid to Click. You get money for visiting ads provided by sponsors. You can earn hundreds of dollars through PTC Sites by clicking ads daily. No investment is required. Its completely free to join and earn money. For students this is the best part time oppurtunity to earn. For employees, it provides additional income every month.

The best PTC Site in today's world is undoubtedly Neobux. What makes Neobux special is, its instant payments, trusted admin, huge members and huge payouts it has already made.
You can check the payments(screenshot) I have recieved from Neobux.

This video demonstrates how fast you will get paid by neobux. Its my personal experience.Just in a few seconds, I recieved my payment in Paypal. It also pays you in paypal,alertpay or neteller. Join the Neobux now and start earning extra income.

I have joined 1 month back as of 24/09 and earned around 70$, you can see my profits and earnings-expenses for past 10 days graph below.

Though neobux is completely free and doesnot require any investment. The site payout is as low as 2$ and you can get money instantly to your paypal or alertpay account. First Signup Alertpay or Paypal if you dont have them and then signup to Neobux.

How much can you earn?
If you click 10 top ads a day and refer 150 members who also click 10 top ads a day:
You win $30.2 (US dollars) per day that translates to around $936.2 (US dollars) per month. Now, try to multiply that for a year! With less referrals you will earn less and with more referrals you will earn more.

Join Neobux as standard for Free.Click on the below banner to join now.

For suggestions, tips and tricks, any doubts you can contact me at
Note: After creating your account, if you don't login within 3 days, your account gets disabled.

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