Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I tried to act like Kamal Hasan says Superstar

I tried to act like kamal hasan says the superstar Rajnikanth. This shows how good hearted person Rajnikanth is. Someone in Rajni's level,no need to say this but yet he made this dare statement.

In a recent program of vijay TV, Rajini mentioned that during his earlier days, when he worked with Kamalhasan in K Balachandar’s movies, the KB tipped him on how amazing an actor Kamal was and that how Rajini should learn the art from him. “From then on, I started observing Kamal in the sets and began to infuse his flavors in my acting. I learnt Kamal’s nuances when I worked with him and tried to bring it in my performance,” said the superstar.

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