Sunday, September 6, 2009

A new chapter in SHAMILI's Life

She has a famous sister and even a famous brother-in-law. So, when Shamilee announced that she too is interested in the big screen, she was given a warm reception by many. “When news of my debut in films started making the rounds on the Internet, messages started pouring in from my well-wishers. Finally, when I accepted Oy!, people said that I will rock the industry.” And rock, she did! Although she had been part of films since she was a child, this was like learning new all over again.

“It has almost been a decade I faced the camera and so, I felt that I’m starting it from scratch. As a child artiste, I never worried about my looks but now, I’m concerned about that aspect every time I face the camera. I’m very conscious about my looks now,” she tells us.
“I’m really touched by people who gave me support and would like to thank everyone who have wished me all success,” adds the girl.

And, what’s more, she’s serious about her studies too! We got to know that the actress is currently pursuing her higher education in Singapore. “Even though I would like to continue my acting career, studies will not take a backseat,” she states. TNN

Courtesy: TOI

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