Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trisha was excited to shoot in black beach!

Trisha is a busy bee now. Her movie Shankam with Gopichand is almost ready for release. Now she is shooting Namo Venkatesa movie with Venkatesh in eastern parts of europe. She is new to some of the beaches and glaciers of the Iceland. Trisha was thrilled about the black beach.

"We shot at the Blue Lagoon where the temperature was minus one degrees, this place has a huge geothermal spa and I was thrilled when I heard that anyone who suffers from any ailment just has to take a dip in this pool. Even though I’ve travelled a lot I’ve never seen a black beach anywhere -the entire beach including the sand, water and the rocks are all black here. When I saw this I was very curious to learn more about this and this is when one of the local consultants explained to me that the colour was a result of the volcanic eruptions that take place once a decade and this is mixed with the seawater. But all said and done, this spot offered us a picturesque location for our songs." tells the tollywood queen trisha.

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