Sunday, October 25, 2009

Colors Swati better than Anushka in Acting!

The nandi award winners are announced recently in AP for 2008. Though Arundati released in 2009 jan,its censor took place in december and hence the movie is considered in 2008 awards. The film bagged 10 Nandi's.

But one question remains in every one mind. Anushka with her faboulous performance in Arundathi made the movie blockbuster. But the Jury members felt that Colors swati in Asta chemma performed better than Anushka. Many feel that Swati did lot of overacting in Asta chemma and jury members always prefer Telugu girl than other state actress. Since Anushka is not from AP, did she miss the award?

Anyways anushka got a special jury award but missed best actress award. Better luck next time Anushka.

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