Friday, October 2, 2009

Its all Part if the Journey called Cinema says Popular Actor

It’s back to work for Prakash Raj as the actor readies himself for his debut Kannada directorial Naanu Nanna Kanasu (remake of Abhiyum Naanun). But he finds it strange that his remaking the film led to a huge debate. “If I’m thrusting another culture down your throat, I understand if people have a problem. But, I’m not being insensitive towards Kannada culture. I’m making sensible cinema and am not copying somebody else because I have no ideas,” asserts the actor.

“If an idea inspires me, I go ahead. Abhiyum Naanum is a story close to my heart and I felt like sharing it with the Kannada audience,” he adds. “Today, I’m doing a Kannada film and tomorrow, it might be Telugu or Tamil. I may even direct a Hindi film another day. It’s all part of the journey called cinema,” he reasons. A delightful journey it has been, for sure.

Recently Prakash Raj acted in Wanted with Salman Khan and got good applause for his performance. Can we soon see him one more bollywood film?

Courtesy: TOI

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