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Those Telugu People need to be changed !!!

Telugu People love movies a lot. Telugu audience treat their favourite heros almost like gods. In rest of the world, they watch movies just for time pass but for telugu people watching movies is their passion. Just like the dialogue in Neninthe "Movies ante maku passion ra". It is 100% true regarding Telugu audience.

But for the past one month, Tollywood is facing many problems from our beloved telugu people. Recently shooting of top stars like Mahesh babu, NTR are interrupted and a costly set erected was destroyed.

I urge people not to involve Cinema between Telangana and Andhra issues. Be it a Samikya Andhra or a separate Andhra, a common man now wants peace more than state. Our heros work so hard to provide loads of entertainments to people, why to bring politics into movies.

If you continue to stop shooting movies, the film units move to other states and countries which causes loss to our own Telugu land.Hence I sincerely request people not to interrupt any of the film shootings and screening at theaters. As said by some telangana leader "Anna dammulu la vedipodam", and some Andha leader "Anna dammulu la kalisi undudam", even if we are separated or united we are still brothers. The central will decide whether to divide the state or not. No matter whether state divides or not we all will be Telugu People and we can proudly say after showing movies like Magadheera and Arundathi to others, ITS OUR TELUGU CINEMA.

A Telugu guy from Telugu Land.

The views and concerns are expressed solely by the author. We,Telugufilmblog.com only published it.

Aamir Khan breaks his own box office record

It was aamir again who is setting new records each time of his film release. Aamir, Madhavan, Kareena and Sharman starrer 3 idiots has broken the record collections set by Ghazini. As per the official sources, the film collected gross of 93 crores in the opening week end. Speaking to the media, Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra said “Response has been overwhelming from all over the world. Aamir, Raju and I knew that people liked the film but this is something else, We have got reports from places like Australia that they have reduced 'Avatar' shows and increased ours.”

Monday, December 28, 2009

Triple Bonanza for NTR fans in 2010 !

NTR jr Photo
Good news for NTR fans. NTR who didn't release any of his films in 2009 is coming up with three releases in 2010. Adhurs which was ready for release is waiting for correct time to hit the theaters. The film may hit theaters in the first half of January once the Telangana issue settles down.

NTR-Dil Raju's Brindhavanam is already on sets and shooting is commencing at a rapid pace.The movie will be releasing in summer of 2010.

Aswini dutt is planning to make another movie with NTR after Kantri. Meher ramesh who directed Kantri will be directing this film. The movie is titled as SHAKTI and if sources are to be believed, this will be the biggest budget film in NTR's Career. Andala Khazana illeana is pairing up with young tiger for this flick. The movie will go to floors on 11th of January.

2010 going to be Triple Bonanza for NTR fans!

Banam girl Vedika hot looks Photo gallery

I don't talk about Deepika Padukone or Katrina Kaif !

It’s being whispered in Bollywood that 2009 could well mark the birth of Ranbir Kapoor, the film industry’s next superstar. He won accolades for Ayan Mukherjee’s Wake up Sid and Shimit Amin’s Rocket Singh-The Salesman of the Year. And, he rocked the box office with Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. Coming as he does from a family that has ruled the roost in Bollywood for 75 long years, the 28-year-old actor is likely to keep that legacy going in the coming decade.

As he embarks on a brand new calendar year, Ranbir agrees that 2009 has been truly gratifying. “I hope I made my parents proud,’’ he says. Adding, “The industry and the audience have given me the kind of love and support that I didn’t think would happen. Honestly, I’m humbled and while I love all the compliments coming my way, my career has just begun. I want to continue doing good work — and if it gets the box office that Wake up Sid or Ajab… got, well I’m thrilled. However, I still believe in something like Rocket Singh. Jaideep Sahni and Shimit Amin are talented guys, they had a message to give in the film. And, I stand by it.’’ Ranbir admits that epithets like ‘superstar’ and the ‘next big thing’ make him delirious. “But it also means loads of responsibility,’’ he says. Refuting rumours that his remuneration has shot up to Rs 12 crore, the actor says, “For an actor to talk about the money he charges is disrespectful. Honestly, the only thing that I truly want is for my work to get recognition. Money, fame, adulation will come; but it can never be the focal point of my existence. With modesty I must say that I haven’t grown up wanting anything. My parents gave me a privileged lifestyle. So how much money I charge can never be the deciding factor to gauge what heights I have scaled.’’

He is also well aware that the flip side of super stardom means that he will now live in a glass house with everything from his love life to his moods getting unwarranted attention. “I certainly don’t think discussing my relationships with my co-stars comes with the territory of stardom,’’ says the actor. “I will not talk about Deepika Padukone or Katrina Kaif. It is disrespectful to them as women and to their families. Who I date is really very personal.’’ So there you go. With the adulation, Ranbir has also got the attitude.

Courtesy: Times of India

Vimala Raman Cute Photo gallery

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sekhar Kammula's Leader got censored today

Sekhar Kammula is one director who is known for making complete family films with no vulgarity. His latest film Leader got censored today. And as expected it got a clean U certificate without any cut in visuals. However Censor board suggested sekhar kammula to alter a couple of dialogues in the film.

Rana, the grand son of Rama Naidu is being introduced as hero with this film. Priya Anand and Richa are playing the female leads. Udayabanu is doing an item song in the film.The movie will be a thought provoking about politics. Lets hope Leader brings more smiles on RaNa.

11 contests for Miss India South Selected!

11 participants are selected for the Pantaloons Femina Miss India South 2010 contest. One among them will win the title of Miss India South 2010. The contest will be held in the beginning of next year. Here is the 11 gorgeous girls selected for this contest. Click on the picture for larger view.

Government in Andhra Pradesh takes a T Break !!

The crisis triggered by the Centre’s decision to grant a separate Telangana state and the resultant ill will has led to a complete cessation of activities in the state secretariat which is the seat of power of the government. “No funds are being released for any project and no major proposal is being cleared. No constructive official meetings are being held. There is only speculation about what’s going to happen next,” lamented a principal secretary to the government of Andhra Pradesh.

The great divide between Telangana and Andhra has hit every department. “In this surcharged atmosphere, if funds are released for a certain project in a certain region in a routine manner, those from the other regions are charging us with bias. Hence, until things cool down, we are not going to clear any files,” confessed a senior official. “Ministers are anyway very busy in political activities. Where do they have the time to attend to official work,” he added.

In fact, TRS leaders met chief minister K Rosaiah on Friday and alleged that the funds released for the Telangana region by the panchayat raj department was very meagre as compared to what was sanctioned for the other two regions. “At present, the CM is heading an administration that has ceased to function. If the impasse is not broken soon, the progress made by the state in the last decade may well get undone,” claimed the official.

In the irrigation department, funds are not being released for the much publicised Jalayagnam projects. “At present, Rs 88,627 crore is needed for the completion of irrigation projects in the Telangana region while Rs 43,000 crore is needed for the projects in the other two regions. Release of funds for a project in any one region will invite flak from the other regions,” said a department official justifying the inaction.

The industries department too has been badly hit. “Due to the political uncertainty, investors are not showing interest in implementing even the projects that they have already committed. One potential investor has opted out of his project near Hyderabad on the grounds that Telangana would not have a sea port once it comes into being and that this would not make his project viable. At least half-a-dozen investors who had shown interest earlier in AP now want to go to another state,” an industries department official said.

Similarly, in the education department, officials are worried that things may reach a flashpoint anytime. “There is a huge disparity in the release of funds for the universities in different regions. For example, while the varsities in Telangana are cash-starved, those in other regions, especially in Kadapa district, are flush with funds. All these issues may be raised by the warring groups anytime now,” said officials.

The chief minister himself has admitted that the NREG scheme has come to a standstill in the last 20 days.

“Not only in the secretariat, but in the GHMC and all other municipalities and panchayati raj institutions, developmental activities have ceased,” said an official.

The contractors of various projects are a worried lot, as the payments are not forthcoming. “I am really worried about the payment of my bills as the officials have already started viewing me as an outsider,” said a contractor from Prakasam district who has taken up a road work in Medak district. “The Centre does not seem to be aware of the damage it is doing to the state by prolonging the crisis as its continuation will adversely impact the region, whether it remains united or splits into two,” lamented an official.

Courtery: TOI

Video: Katrina Kaif ignores her health

Katina kaif was admitted to the hospital when she was complained about her severe abdominal pain. Check out the video for more.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Venkatesh's Big budget film to hit screens in January

Victory Venkatesh and successful director Srinu Vaitla are coming with Namo Venkatesa for Sankranthi. Trisha is playing the female lead in the film while Bramhanandam is playing vital role in the film. 14 Reels Entertainment banner is presenting this film.

This is the highest budget for a venkatesh's film. The budget is expected to be almost 25 crores. The songs will be releasing in this week. Devi Sri Prasad who already in chartbusters with Aarya-2 and Adhurs is providing the music for this film.

Photo Feature: Sameera Reddy Hot Pose on Maxim

Sameera reddy looking hot on the cover page of Maxim. Check out the picture below. What do you people say?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Video: TRS celebrates announcement of Telangana


Recently I have seen few news episodes, which made me write this, where the educated individuals are fighting for a separate Telangana state.There were NRI Protests and Rallys here in USA. I wonder why these Educated Illiterates (educated yet illiterates) dont have brains in their heads? They are fighting for a legend, who is lying in a hospital bed in
an A/C room with Doctors to treat him and these guys on roads where Cops are there to treat them!!

I am an Indian first, Hindu next, Telugu comes later..Telangana should come never when I can manage to speak all forms/slangs of Telugu.Are we not becoming easy targets by being scape goats for these power hungry politicians? What would one get out of a separate state other than making KCR the CM in his Make-my-Wish offer? Does that change the way ones treated!! YES, but in a negative way.

Why does a kid born in Pakistan dreams about destroying India and vice-versa? Why does a game called cricket becomes a war when its against India and Pakistan? And why is the same Pakistani becomes a friend when we are staying together abroad? Were we not ONE before? Did separation bring peace or sorrow?

So what could be the possible outcome of separate telangana.Everyone will start hating the person from the separated state as the enemy and a reason for getting separated.

Let us not leave a lesson for our future generations to fight for separate Hyderabad and separate Secunderabad as a different state.

There is a kid (in recent hindi movie 'Paa') who paints globe with one colour to make it ONE and there are people like KCR who draw lines to crack ONE into peices.We have already created history by getting separated from our brothers and sisters in past, Hindu Muslim where bhaii bhaii then! Even though we know that britishers have lit that fire "DIVIDE AND RULE" Policy on the name of giving us freedom, that never put-off nor would. Then why would we still
need to repeat that history.

If we want a reason to separate, husband and wife can get separated by saying "I am MAN" & "You are WOMAN, If they want to get united then that could become the reason too.

Politians have a different style of getting popular.Chandrababu Naidu has built Hi-Tech City, YSR by walking thousands of kilometers, and now KCR by taking thousands of lives.

KCR!!!! Its our HOME.. If you dont like the way it is.. Then you walk away!! Who are you to separate us????
If we cant do any thing against this... Atleast lets not support this.

Five different fingers make a Fist. United we stand. Divide we fall..

I got this excellent article from my friend. Thanks to the original author who had written this.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kajal Aggarwal sister debuting with Veelle

Kajal Agarwal's sister Nisha Agarwal is debuting Tollywood with a movie titled 'Veelle'. Vinay of Vaana fame will be pairing up with Nisha. GenNext movies banner which produced Mantra will be producing this film.

Muhartham shot is picturised on Vinay and Nisha for which Keeravani Switched On the camera while Rajamouli gave the first clap. There will be 10 songs in the movie. Anand will be providing music for this film. Raviprakash is the director. Hope Nisha agarwal also have a successful career like her sister.

Congress puts Telangana on back foot??

Congress on Friday pressed the damage-control button, with the party deciding to put the move to create the state of Telangana in “cold storage” to tamp down inflamed passions.

While not ready to reverse its decision to divide Andhra Pradesh, Congress leadership has decided to put the issue on pause mode, using the rift in the state assembly as the alibi. “Though the decision to create Telangana and hand over Hyderabad to the new state is final, New Delhi is trying to run with the hare and hunt with the hound,” claimed a political analyst.

The cautious mood was summed up by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s assurance to a delegation of Congress MPs from coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema that “nothing would be done in a haste”. Union home secretary G K Pillai kicked up a political furore on Friday by saying that Hyderabad would be the capital of Telangana. This was a statement that he was forced to retract a few hours later. According to sources, Pillai was ticked off by the Prime Minister’s Office and Union home minister P Chidambaram after Andhra and Rayalaseema MPs cried murder. Pillai later in the day said that he was misquoted.

AICC troubleshooters for the second day running were busy assuaging agitated MPs from Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra who have come out against the bifurcation of AP by promising “inaction” on the “statehood-at-midnight” declaration of Union home minister P Chidambaram.
The decision to consign the divisive matter to the deep freezer was spelt out lucidly by finance minister Pranab Mukherjee in a meeting he had with 21 Congress MPs from coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. Mukherjee used the simple “no assembly resolution-no Telangana” logic to pacify his restive audience. “Any forward movement on the issue is contingent upon a pro-Telangana resolution to be adopted by AP assembly by consensus. Since there is no consensus among political parties, as brought out by a spate of resignations and backtracking by parties like TDP which had come around to support the separate state, there is going to be no resolution immediately. Therefore, boundaries of Andhra Pradesh will not be redrawn and there will be status quo,” a Congress MP quoted Mukherjee as saying.

“It is so simple. Why are you people resigning,” asked Mukherjee as he sought to impress upon the MPs opposed to Telangana that Chidambaram’s announcement on Wednesday night was not radically different from what Congress said in its manifesto for the 2009 polls. According to sources, home minister P Chidambram, who was present, also laid stress on “process” and “resolution” parts of his statement, suggesting that he made no promise of early or imminent action.

Mukherjee also explained that their hands were forced by the deteriorating health of fasting TRS chief K Chandrashekhar Rao. “You may not agree with the assessment. You may feel that his condition was not that serious. But we felt that Rao was going to die and we feared that it would have led to a calamity,” the finance minister said.

In Hyderabad, the MLAs from the non-Telangana regions continued their resignation drama by submitting papers to the Speaker in the assembly even as a beleaguered chief minister K Rosaiah told the media that the Telangana resolution would not be moved without the issue being discussed by all the affected parties. By Friday, the total number of MLAs who quit assembly touched 134.

MLAs threaten fast-unto-death: While Cong MP L Rajagopal may launch a fast for united AP in the coming two days, Nuzvid MLA Chinna Ramakotaiah and Markapuram MLA K Narayana Reddy (both TDP) have also threatened to go on a fast-unto-death if the Centre doesn’t withdraw its decision on Telangana.

Will all these lead to Samikya Andhra? only time will decide it.

Courtesy: TOI

Sanjana new Photo Gallery in Pink

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NTR's Brindhavanam Shooting in Tamil Nadu

Even before the release of Adhurs, NTR is busy with new film shooting Brindhavanam. Vamsi Paidipally of Munna fame is directing this film. Dil Raju is the producer. Gorgeous beauty Kajal Aggarwal is playing the female lead in this film. Prakash raj is playing a vital role in the film.

As per the filmnagar sources, the unit is currently shooting a song at Pollachi in Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu. This schedule takes place for 10 days. This is a very good news for NTR fans, since NTR's brindhavanam will be releasing within 4-5 months after Adhurs.

Saleem Theaters list

Vishnu illeana starrer Saleem is releasing on this friday. Reliance Big Pictures is distributing this film. The movie will be releasing in 36 theaters alone in Mumbai and 5 theaters in Delhi. These theaters list yet to be announced. Meanwhile check out the theaters of Saleem in Hyderabad.

NTR Adhurs Trailer

Photo Feature: Sameera Reddy Sizzling on Maxim

Sameera Reddy who doesn't tasted success in Tollywood has posed recently to Maxim magazine for december edition. People who looked the magazine are telling that she was damn hot on the front cover of the magazine. Check out her pose on the magazine. What do you guys think? Is she really hot?

Venkatesh Trisha Namo Venkatesa Wallpapers

Saturday, December 5, 2009

NTR Adhurs audio songs released in style

NTR Adhurs audio released today at 7.20pm amid big league of celebrities and huge fans. Dasara Narayana rao, Mohan babu, Balakrishna, SS Rajamouli, Dil Raju, Srinu Vaitla, Mehar ramesh and many other noted celebraties attended this function. The first CD was released by Nandamuri Balakrishna and given it to Dasari Narayana Rao.The first cassette was released by Rajamouli and handed it to Dr.Mohan babu.

Speaking on the occasion, Rajamouli said, "In everyone's mind there is only one question. Will Adhurs beats Magadheera records? And I am confident that it will definitely sets new records breaking all the records set by Magadheera because it’s a VV Vinayak film. I am the first person in the list to aspire for this".

Bramhanandam said, "Young tiger Adhurs, Director adhurs, Nayanatara and Sheela 2+1 adhurs, everything in the movie Adhurs. In this movie I and tarak will be trying for Nayanatara. The film will become a very big hit".

Devi Sri Prasad said, "I was astonished to see how fast NTR has recovered from the accident. After recovering from the accident, he did a song just after two days once the shooting has resumed. During this in a dance sequence, VV Vinayak got tension and walked out of the sets because he is very concerned about NTR and feared about his health. But NTR a song ni chinchesadu. It will be definitely a visual treat for the fans".

Chota K Naidu said, "I was waiting to work with NTR since long time and I got the chance finally to work because of VV Vinayak. NTR is a wonderful artist. He is Ekasantagrahi. He used to act without any rehearsals and he did almost every shot in a single take. I wish all the best for Adhurs".

Dr. Mohan babu said, "Balakrishna photo has been kept in the posters and why my photo was not kept? Ne gunde kosta balayya aithe, na gunde kosta annaya ra". He further said that he was just kidding and he dont have any selfishness. Even his film saleem is releasing soon, he wants Adhurs to be a super hit.

Nandamuri Balakrishna said, "We were very thankful to all the audience and fans who supported us in all our hits and flops. As Rajamouli said, this film will break all the records of Tollywood. There should be always a healthy competition in the film industry and after this film Rajamouli and VV Vinayak will be having tough competition".

Dasari Narayana rao said, "Seeing the strength of audience at a function tells about the strength of the film. I dont talk about records, I talk about dedication. I thank Rajamouli, Vinayak, Srinu Vaitla for leading telugu industy in a right direction. I was seeing Rama Rao garu in tarak. His expressions, dialogue delivery makes him a complete actor. He need to do all the great characters did by NTR gaaru once again. He has that stamina. Devi sri prasad is a great music director. I hope this film will become one of the best films in history". telugufilmblog.com.

VV Vinayak said, "I was waiting for this function since long time. Amma thodu e cinema super hit. Producers encouraged me like anything, they used to ask me why dont you use 5-6 sets instead of a single set? I sincerely thank Kona Venkat for providing this fantastic story. Devi Sri Prasad is the major asset of this film. Young tiger NTR is like a brother to me. Without NTR this script would not be possible. There are two characters in this film. Anyone can do the first character but in the Telugu film industry only NTR can do the second role. It’s my promise that this film will become a super hit".

Young tiger said, "In a recent interview I said that I like Balakrishna gaaru the most in my family. I never expected that I can stand on my two legs after accident. But this happened only due to NTR gaaru, Balakrishna gaaru and all of your fans blessings. We worked very hard for 1 and half year for this film. I thank each and every technician who supported us in this long journey. Devi Sri Prasad provided an excellent music for this film. In fact I had sung a song in this movie. Everyone is thinking Comedy in NTR’s film, Oh! But I can assure you, for 2 and half hours you will continuously laugh and enjoy this film along with your family and kids. Rajamouli earlier said this film will create all records but I don’t care about records, I only care about your rewards. I need all your rewards and blessings." He finished his speech by saying jai NTR. Telugufilmblog wishes all the best for Adhurs and hope the movie will become another blockbuster in NTR's career.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Prasthanam getting ready for release

Prasthanam is the new film in the direction of Vennela fame Deva katta. Sharwanand is playing the lead role in this film. Rubi Parihar is debuting as heroine with this film. Ravi Vallabhaneni is the producer.

This is a message oriented film. The film revolves around a young guy who leads and grows to the position of a leader. The storyline and hit director Deva Katta are raising expectations on this film. Hope the movie brings a much required hit for Sharwanand.

Nagarjuna's new film KEDI title announcement video

Amritha Rao Hot Pose on The Man magazine

Photos: Katina Kaif and Aamir Khan at a Magazine Launch

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