Sunday, December 13, 2009


Recently I have seen few news episodes, which made me write this, where the educated individuals are fighting for a separate Telangana state.There were NRI Protests and Rallys here in USA. I wonder why these Educated Illiterates (educated yet illiterates) dont have brains in their heads? They are fighting for a legend, who is lying in a hospital bed in
an A/C room with Doctors to treat him and these guys on roads where Cops are there to treat them!!

I am an Indian first, Hindu next, Telugu comes later..Telangana should come never when I can manage to speak all forms/slangs of Telugu.Are we not becoming easy targets by being scape goats for these power hungry politicians? What would one get out of a separate state other than making KCR the CM in his Make-my-Wish offer? Does that change the way ones treated!! YES, but in a negative way.

Why does a kid born in Pakistan dreams about destroying India and vice-versa? Why does a game called cricket becomes a war when its against India and Pakistan? And why is the same Pakistani becomes a friend when we are staying together abroad? Were we not ONE before? Did separation bring peace or sorrow?

So what could be the possible outcome of separate telangana.Everyone will start hating the person from the separated state as the enemy and a reason for getting separated.

Let us not leave a lesson for our future generations to fight for separate Hyderabad and separate Secunderabad as a different state.

There is a kid (in recent hindi movie 'Paa') who paints globe with one colour to make it ONE and there are people like KCR who draw lines to crack ONE into peices.We have already created history by getting separated from our brothers and sisters in past, Hindu Muslim where bhaii bhaii then! Even though we know that britishers have lit that fire "DIVIDE AND RULE" Policy on the name of giving us freedom, that never put-off nor would. Then why would we still
need to repeat that history.

If we want a reason to separate, husband and wife can get separated by saying "I am MAN" & "You are WOMAN, If they want to get united then that could become the reason too.

Politians have a different style of getting popular.Chandrababu Naidu has built Hi-Tech City, YSR by walking thousands of kilometers, and now KCR by taking thousands of lives.

KCR!!!! Its our HOME.. If you dont like the way it is.. Then you walk away!! Who are you to separate us????
If we cant do any thing against this... Atleast lets not support this.

Five different fingers make a Fist. United we stand. Divide we fall..

I got this excellent article from my friend. Thanks to the original author who had written this.

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