Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Those Telugu People need to be changed !!!

Telugu People love movies a lot. Telugu audience treat their favourite heros almost like gods. In rest of the world, they watch movies just for time pass but for telugu people watching movies is their passion. Just like the dialogue in Neninthe "Movies ante maku passion ra". It is 100% true regarding Telugu audience.

But for the past one month, Tollywood is facing many problems from our beloved telugu people. Recently shooting of top stars like Mahesh babu, NTR are interrupted and a costly set erected was destroyed.

I urge people not to involve Cinema between Telangana and Andhra issues. Be it a Samikya Andhra or a separate Andhra, a common man now wants peace more than state. Our heros work so hard to provide loads of entertainments to people, why to bring politics into movies.

If you continue to stop shooting movies, the film units move to other states and countries which causes loss to our own Telugu land.Hence I sincerely request people not to interrupt any of the film shootings and screening at theaters. As said by some telangana leader "Anna dammulu la vedipodam", and some Andha leader "Anna dammulu la kalisi undudam", even if we are separated or united we are still brothers. The central will decide whether to divide the state or not. No matter whether state divides or not we all will be Telugu People and we can proudly say after showing movies like Magadheera and Arundathi to others, ITS OUR TELUGU CINEMA.

A Telugu guy from Telugu Land.

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