Monday, January 26, 2009

Does Ram lacks what NTR has!

After some superb dances in Devadas(No great steps in jagadam and ready), ram is back with Maska where he performed some amazing steps in1st song (Hare Hare rama) and last song (Bagdad Gajadonga). However we can see that ram lacks the ease what NTR jr has. We can observe that some steps in Hare hare rama song are similar to vayasunami song in kantri. Prem rakshit is the choregrapher of both the songs. But ram is not so impressive in steps like NTR. Though he performed some hard numbers, he never performed them with ease. We can see him performing the steps with much difficulty. Ram has to work hard to reach NTR in dances. what do you guys say?

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