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BANK movie review : A bad Show

Movie: Bank
Rating: 1.5/5
Cast: Jackie Shroff, Veda,(Late) Raghuvaran,Abbas, Pooja Bharathi and Rahul Dev.
Direction: Arunkumar

It remains a big question, how talented actors like Jackie Shroff and late Raghuvaran could agree to do this lacklustre film. On the face of it, a plot on bank robbery promises to be a nail-biting thriller but the shoddy screenplay makes it a bad show. Jackie & Co take the pains to rope in a tricky robber and a computer hacker to rob a high-flying bank. But when the team actually sets out to break through the highsecurity cordon it looks amateurish and kills the excitement of the viewers. Jackie, Raghuvaran and Rahul Dev do look stylish but their efforts to salvage ill-defined roles go in vain. Veda indulges in unnecessary skin show but Pooja Bharati as a fiery house-wife impresses. With producer-director Arunkumar claiming he will release his pet project in Tamil and Hindi as well, we can't do anything except to empathise with the viewers.

The film begins with a 3- member gang of Jackie Shroff, Raghuvaran and Veda killing an IT pro and his wife after forcible stealing the security design of a well-heeled bank. They also rope in petty robber (Rahul Dev) and computer hacker (Abbas) to help them in their boisterous mission promising hefty sums. Atlast, the team enters the bank through an unfinished drainage and lay their hands on the booty. To know more about their slapdash plan going awry, check it out in theatres at your own peril.

In Tollywood, yet again Hindi actor Jackie Shroff disappoints with a boring film. Raghuvaran displays sparks of his brilliance as a ruthless baddy, while Veda displays more of her skin than talent. Music of Chinni Charan is pedestrian and the less said the better about the haphazard angles and lighting of cinematographer Jagadish .

Final Verdict: Lite tisukondi cinema ni

Courtesy: TOI

Movies releasing in this month

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Feb 20- Bangaru Babu.

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