Wednesday, May 6, 2009

NTR jr friend banking on politics

Political parties have their own sentiments in respect of election results. In this election, the Telugu Desam Party cadres in the city speak confidently about the winning chances of Vallabhaneni Vamsi Mohan in the Vijayawada Parliamentary constituency. They not only speak of what they describe as a good support from the people but also talk of a little sentiment that could see Vamsi Mohan emerge victorious.

In the past, Gadde Rammohan wanted to contest from Gannavaram Assembly seat but the party leadership convinced him to contest from the Vijayawada Parliamentary seat.

It then allotted the Assembly ticket to Dasari Balavardhana Rao. Mr. Rammohan, who contested rather reluctantly, subsequently won. Now party cadres believe that Vamsi Mohan may also enjoy a similar luck.

Just like Mr. Rammohan, Mr. Vamsi Mohan also lost the chance to contest from Gannavaram as the leadership favoured Dasari Balavardhana Rao once again.

Fans of Praja Rajyam chief Chiranjeevi are upbeat

The Megastar’s repeated claim that his party would secure a comfortable majority to form a government seems to be working like a rejuvenating tonic for them.

Even otherwise, Chiru being interviewed by national channels, who dub him as the ‘King maker’ in the event of a hung Assembly in Andhra Pradesh, is reason enough for his supporters to keep their smile intact.

Chiranjeevi, on his part, almost surprised everybody with his strategic answers to queries on his role in a coalition government.

Asked which party would he support in the event of a fractured verdict, he simply said he would cross the bridge only when it comes to.

Courtesy-The Hindu

Video: Color swati's Anantapuram 1980 movie full song

Color swati's latest film Anantapuram 1980 is all set to release soon in telugu. And while I am browsing youtube I saw this excellent song, in which the tamil video is mixed with telugu song of the same movie. Both the song and video are very impressive.I wish all the best for this movie and hope it will repeat the same success in Telugu also.

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