Monday, June 8, 2009

Nayanatara denies her secret marriage

From the past two days, there were many rumors on the internet and filmnagar that Nayanatara married secretly to India's Micheal Jackson Prabhu deva. It was stated that, from the long time there was an affair going on between the two and both got married at hyderabad.

But nayanathara denied this rumours.She said: “Even I heard about my marriage. Isn’t that funny? I’m not even in Hyderabad right now. Everyone knows that I am a very open person and when I decide to get married, I will officially announce it to the media. I believe in the institution of marriage and when it happens, it will be with the blessing of my parents. I don’t need to do it secretly.”

what filmnagar people say now who created this rumour?

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