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Will Charmy's dream come true?

After Mantra, If some producer comes forward to do a female oriented film, his first choice will be Charmy. With her Oomphing factor and performance she had made f to become a hit. Upto she has acted in more glamorous roles than performance oriented roles .Her last few films like 16 days, Kavya's dairy didnt make any impact at boxoffice.In a recent interview, Charmy expressed her dream of acting in 10 different roles just like kamal hasan did in dasavatharam and vikram in mallana. Hope some producer fulfills her dream.

What will Sanjana do at leisure time?

Sanjana who made debut in Tollywood with a kannada remake is going well with satyameva jayathi, Bujjigadu made in chennai etc. Many actress and actors hangout in pubs, holiday spots with friends during their leisure time. But sanjana is different. Can you guess what sanjana does in free time? Sanjana spends about 5 to 6 hours everyday on her laptop when she is not working. She loves browsing the internet and also post updates in her social networking sites frequently. She also gets some intresting mails from her fans. Thus she is becoming close to her fans, audience through web services. She currently doesnot have any major films in her hand in telugu. Hope one good film will make her to join in big league. Telugufilmblog wishes sanjana all the best for her future.

Genelia wasn't pleased with herself !

Chirpy and bubbly had never had it so good, till Genelia came into the picture. In 2006, she played the role of Hasini in a Telugu film titled Bommarillu that rocked the box office. Soon, she was living life to the fullest in the same role in Tamil too, when it was remade as Santosh Subramaniam.

Then, Jaane Tu ... happened and it completely changed the way everyone looked at the pretty girl. Filmmakers queued up for her dates, jostling each other, scripts in hand — most of which featured her in a bubbly, happy-go-lucky role. The directors were under the impression that once they cast her in such a role, everybody — the producers and the audience — would be super excited.

But, one person wasn’t very pleased and that was Genelia herself! She has done similar roles and is tired of laughing and smiling at the camera all the time. “I decided that it was time that I needed some variety,” she states, “It was monotonous doing the same kind of roles. I wish filmmakers make me cry.”

That’s precisely what’s going to happen soon. Well, not shedding tears exactly, but the girl is getting ready to play a pivotal role in her upcoming Telugu flick, Katha. “It’s a different outing for sure,” she says, “Very different from the Jaane Tu.. type of a girl. The film’s a thriller and I’m very pleased with myself for choosing it.” This apart, she has Bollywood projects keeping her busy.

The actress vividly remembers her Boys days, a Shankar film in which she rubbed shoulders with five young actors, some of whom have gone places today. Does she look back at those days with fond memories? “Of course,” she says with a smile, “That’s the film which launched me big time in the industry.”

Boys hit the screens at a point of time when up-market hangouts were getting popular in the city, and Harini — the character Genelia played in the film — almost became a household name. “I can never forget Harini,” she reminisces, “She was the platform for my good performance in the movies that came later.”

Some of her co-stars in the movie have bagged a lot of interesting projects and are doing well, while the others haven’t been that lucky. Despite getting busy conquering other woods, Genelia’s still kept in touch with that team. “I bump into them once in a while,” she says, “They were a great bunch.”

So, does that mean she’ll work again with the head of the ‘bunch’ — director Shankar? “I’ll work with anyone who wants to work with me.”

She dazzled and sizzled when she performed at the recent Filmfare awards held at Hyderabad. Though she was among the last to perform, the sheer energy with which she shook a leg to the numbers kept the audience glued. Just like in dancing, she completely believes in giving her best shot to everything she does. So, is that her life mantra? “Of course,” she states, “Live life to the fullest – that’s what I believe in.”

Courtesy: TOI

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