Sunday, September 13, 2009

Can you Guess who this famous actress is?

Can you guess who this famous actress present in the photo below. If you cannot scroll down to know who she is.

She is none other than Rani Mukarjhee. This is her getup in the new movie Dil Bole Hadippa. She is casting opposite shahid kapoor. She is playing a role of punjabi lorry driver in this movie. Many were surprised to see Rani in new look and even some failed to identify her.

Photos: Namitha hot poses in recent Photoshoot

Dil Raju disappointed with JOSH result?

Dil Raju the man with golden hand recently produced Naga Chaitanya's Josh. The film has collected a sum of 2 crores in Nizam in the 1st week and the distributors are saying the film may collect only 1 crore more in the long run. This is really a disappointment news for Dil Raju who has tasted huge success in distribution and production.

Hope his next movie Brindhavanam with NTR will make him smile.

New scenes in Magadheera after 50 days and sample video

Producer Allu Aravind who is best known for his marketing skills is now decided to add few edited scenes of Magadheera after 50 days. Initially Rajamouli made movie with more than 3 hours length and during editing they cut some scenes to reduce the length of the movie. The current running time of the movie is 2hr and 45min. By adding the extra scenes, more repeated audience will come to theater once again.

These key scenes that will be added are scenes involving Ramcharan, kajal and Srihari. The scenes will be added in the next week in all the theaters.

Checkout the unseen making of magadheera until then.

Photos: Telugu girl Archana(Veda) in modern dress

Trailer: Namitha's Jaganmohini

Namitha's Jaganamohini will be releasing soon and the trailer looks impressive. Check out the trailer, it reminds us the old movie Jaganamohini. Doesnt it?

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