Saturday, September 19, 2009

Inside Facts about YSR’s Chopper Pilot SK Bhatia

Captain SK Bhatia was flying the ill-fated chopper with YSR on board when it crashed on September 2.

Recently Tehelka Magazine published the inconvineint truths about pilot.
  • Since Captian SK Bhatia has started flywing with the AP Govt, there have been FOUR windshield Failures.
  • On THREE different occasions, Bhatia had exceeded operating limits and another vital parameter, Mast Torque which governs the total force being exerted on the chopper.
  • Bhatia continued flight on 16.01.09, his holiness DALAI LAMA was on board when the helicopter developed a snag, in contravention of flight manual recommended actions.
  • Bhatia’s deputation ended in June but YSR wanted his tenure extended by a year.

Photo Feature: Sameera reddy having Six Pack?

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