Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photos: Dia Mirza Latest Photoshoot for Verve Magazine

Video:Prabhas kangana Ek Niranjan 2.30 mins TRAILER

Trailer and Songs of Ek Niranjan looks impressive. Check out the all songs and few dialogues in 2 and half minute trailer.

Rajnikanth- Shankar's Yantram shoots climax

Rajanikanth Shankar movie Yanthram is creating new trends in indian film industry. Termed to be one of the highest budget movies of south india, the movie is set to break all records after release. Currently shankar is picturising climax scene for the movie. This scene involves fire burst out of scientists laboratory.A huge set is erected in the prasad studios for this scene. Few hollywood visual effects companies will be supervising this scene. Aishwarya Bachan is playing the female lead in the movie. The movie will be releasing next year summer, since the graphics part in the movie takes lot more time. This will be the much awaited movie for next year.

Video: Ram speaks about Ganesh movie

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