Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Traffic Jam remake of Traffic Signal?

Madhur Bandharkur's Traffic Signal was a big hit in Bollywood. The movie revolves entirely around a traffic signal. Now the famous director Sangeetam Srinivas Rao who did movies with Kamal Hasan(pushpaka vimanam) and Balakrishna(Aditya 369) earlier is planning to direct a movie called Traffic Jam. Konda Krisham Raju who produced blockbuster Ramadasu is producing this movie. The movie story revolves around a traffic jam happened for few hours. Will this movie be the remake of Bollywood hitTraffic Signal? We need to wait and see.

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A R Rahman inspired from MJ !

A R Rahman is also one among those who were inspired from King of Pop Michael Jackson. Speaking to the media he said "I have been inspired by Michael and his works for years now. I had met him and though he was such a big star, he was always a very humble human being. That really touched and inspired me. I think he was an inspiration for an entire generation. His music must have influenced countless musicians across the world and it would be an honor for me to have the students of my music school learn and discuss the artist of the century.” Hope students of his school will also get inspired from the legend MJ.

Saleem audio releasing today

YVS Chowdary's new movie Saleem audio will be releasing today in shilpa kala vedika amidst huge crowd. Manchu Vishnuvardan babu is paired with Andhra Khazana illeana in this film. This will be illeana's second film in the direction of YVS after devadas.

Mohan babu is producing this film on Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures. Sandeep Chowta will be the hero of tonight's audio function as he composed beautiful melodies for this film. Devadas is a musical hit and expectations are high on the audio of Saleem. The music will be released by Sony. The movie is scheduled for december release.

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