Sunday, January 31, 2010

NTR jr marriage real intentions?

Is that the Money and Power only matters in the marriage's of high society people. This was exactly what is happening related to NTR jr marriage.

We all came to know about NTR's marriage. Nandamuri family and CBN family both has confirmed the news. But Why is NTR marrying a girl who is 10 years younger to him and not a major yet? Some say he agreed because his father-in-law is very rich who has hundreds of crores worth land and also TV Channel Studio-N while others say since Chandrababu Naidu arranged this match, NTR and his mother will get proper recognition in the Nandamuri family and NTR by any means need to provide his mother a good place in the family.

The advantages we see when NTR jr gets married to Pranita:
  • CBN, can have a complete grip on NTR since Pranita's mother is niece to CBN and hence NTR becomes a family member of CBN in other way too.
  • Already CBN's son Lokesh Naidu had a major stack in the Studio-N. And once this marriage occurs the rest of the stack will be with NTR jr. Hence Lokesh Naidu will take over the Studio-N channel.
  • Already Studio-N's TRP rating got increased with this news.
  • NTR's mother can have a proper recognition in the Nandamuri family.
  • NTR can get a huge amount of dowry since is Father in law is one of big shots in Hyderabad.
These are all just our thoughts, but no one knows his real intentions. What do you think of this marriage with 10 years age difference girl? Respond with your views in comments section.

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