Friday, April 30, 2010

Katrina Kaif can't eat her own cake

katrinaYou’d have never guessed it, but fact is that the English Rose Katrina Kaif loves cakes. And then because she is a primma donna, she won’t eat just about any cake. She loves this particular cake that is available in Dubai; and guess what she has several wellwishers who will bend backwards to fly the cake in for her.

However, the last time around when boxes of her favourite cake arrived, Kat was angry. She was staying in this small hotel in Malshej shooting for Tees Maar Khan. And she was on a strict diet so she could show off her nice figure. Kat was happy with the frugal food she was given at the hotel; except that on two days when she came into her room, there was a surprise waiting for her. It was her favourite cake. The actress now truly believes that someone got a sadistic pleasure in sending her the cake knowing very well that she couldn’t even nibble at it.


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