Friday, April 16, 2010

Siddarth is a Diehard Supporter of Deccan Chargers

Siddarth.JPGSidharth, a diehard supporter of Team Hyderabad, was a picture of happiness. He beamed and said, “We won man…we won! I’m so glad I came to Nagpur to watch the match!” He went on to add, “I wish I wasn’t shooting, else I’d have been there surely. But, I’ll be in Delhi for the next match.”

Explaining his love for cricket, Sidharth says, “Srikanth is a family friend and he introduced me to cricket. When I went to the ground to watch a game or met with players, I was armed with statistics, scores and stuff like that. So, I’ve grown up on a healthy diet of cricket.” Ask him how the presence of film stars has changed the game and he says, “They’ve brought in the glamour, especially in the T20 format. In fact, a T20 game is like watching a film! It’s got action, suspense, drama and of course colour and vibrancy.” And how is his relation with cricketers? “Oh! I am very close to the team. Laxman’s a dear friend and so are many others. ”

As Sidharth talks about cricket, ask him if he’s charted out his filmi roadmap and he says, “I’m keeping myself busier this year by taking on more projects, so that I can propel myself into phase two of my career. This phase I hope will help me look at Btown seriously. Right now, I’m busy with a Telugu fantasy film. Then there’s another film where I play a rural character. Then there are three more films ready to go on the floor, plus a Hindi film, which is by a very famous director.”

Courtesy: TOI

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