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Siddharth - Dil Raju combo again?

Bommarillu is one of the best movies in the career of Siddharth and Genelia. The movie was produced by Dil Raju who was known to be a man with golden hand that time. But the things has changed and all the films he is producing in the recent times bit the mud.

But as per the filmnagar sources the confident dil raju decided to repeat the magic with Siddharth. After four years Dil Raju is planning to rope in Siddharth in the new film in the direction of debutant Venu Sriram. Dil Raju was happy with the script and he is one man who believes in script than the stardom.

Hope the movie will be another Bommarillu for Telugu audience.

Bhumika photos @ Takita Takita Press meet

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Learn From My Mistakes says a Top Tollywood Hero

allu arjun.JPGStylish star Allu Arjun says about his two weeks trip to US, “Holidaying is a must for every professional to recharge. We had a wonderful time and covered four cities in a short span. However, packing and unpacking, removing shoes and watches at security check were minor irritants, but spending quality time with family members was great,” he says. Allu of course took only “emergency calls” during his “holiday” and gave his cellphone a “much needed break too”, because a “break is break.”

Veering towards his upcoming film which boasts of many firsts, he says “I like to be a trendsetter, so I am reviving multi-starrer trend in Tollywood. I think more than the footage, the impact of the character counts. Frankly, I volunteered to do this role after hearing the script from director Krish since I want to be known as someone who constantly raises the bar as an actor,” he reasons and elaborates “I have heard cynical comments from filmmakers from other states downgrading Telugu cinema as senseless potboilers. I hope other saleable stars do at least one refreshing and new-age film every year to change the face of Telugu cinema,” he points out.
Why do we expect superstars to be instrumental in bringing in change. Is it because the Telugu audience is still star struck? “That’s right. Not that I blame the audience. Personally, even I like watching starstudded films. Due to hiked ticket rates, as a viewer I’d like to place my bet on a familiar face, though a film with a debutant could be more endearing and watchable,” he points out. However, Allu doesn’t like off-beat movies and prefers tastefully made commercial films that appropriately blend “a novel plot with commercial ingredients”. Quiz him about sky rocketing star remunerations which are playing havoc with a film’s budget and you’ll have Allu comes up with, “I have cut my pay packets at times. As actors, I think we should support filmmaker’s mission to cut costs and make a viable film that can recover money. I believe that everyone involved in the chain of production from top to bottom should earn some money,” he reasons.

Don’t let his flamboyant wouldn’t care screen attitude fool you. Allu confesses that he is hit hard when his films don’t work commercially just like every other actor. “It pains me a lot. I always believe that the daily collection chart of theatres is the barometer for audience appreciation. I have seen stars who lose their judgments after a smashing hit, but I like to learn even from flops and avoid repeating them,” he confesses. Does that mean he’ll stop experimenting? “I hate repeating myself, so the sojourn continues,” he says. The charismatic rough-n-tough lover boy of T-town has now resolved to do larger-than-life roles. In his next film Badrinath, he’s essaying the role of a sword-wielding warrior. “I would explore those roles as well since their reach and span is mind blowing. Also I have done enough of that lover boy, prankster roles,” he says.
After wowing Kerala with his films, the actor now intends to debut in Ktown. “I received overwhelming response in Kerala and my fan base is gradually expanding. But I intend to do a Tamil film, since I am wellversed in Tamil having grown up in Chennai,” he informs. On the personal front, he reiterates his passion for fitness. “Fitness regimen is a must for every professional and we shouldn’t ignore it citing lack of time. We need to allot at least an hour every day for a healthy body and mind. I heard that Salman Khan finishes his workout, before crashing into bed every night. That should be the spirit,” he reasons. Allu feels that striking a perfect work-life balance depends on time management. Any message for his fans, and he quips, “advising is worst among all vices,”and signs off.

Courtesy: TOI

Anushka Hot Photos from Tamil Movie

Anushka's photos from Tamil movie with Surya. In telugu it is dubbed as Yamudu.

Jhummandi Nadam Heroine Hot Photos

jhummandi nadam actress photo

Priya Anand new Photo Shoot

priya anand photos

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Kajal Agarwal Sister Nisha Agarwal Photos

nisha agarwal

Top Tollywood Heros Prefering Performance Oriented Roles!!

It’s an interesting tug-of-war for Ttown superstars as they find ways to keep their star image intact while showcase their histrionic skills with performance-oriented roles. There are many superstars on the horizon but only a few have a ‘star-actor’ tag. With star-centric movies restricting them to clich├ęd roles, the hotshot stars have begun exploring roles with shades of grey and black. While the gamble worked for some, others have had to be content with duds. Ironically every a c t o r dreams of portraying d i f f e re n t roles to s h owc a s e his acting repertoire but once he attain stardom chooses to play safe.

Apparently, NTR Jr chose to essay a dual role in Adhurs to satisfy himself and his fans. “I received good response for my performance, but my fans like seeing me in larger-than-life roles. So, I’d like to cater to my fans since I have enough time to explore other roles,” he says. But there is a dearth of star-centric plots? “There are enough plots but directors should take risks,” he adds. Allu Arjun admits that his mass-centric role in Vedham is different from his previous outings. “This role satiated the actor in me since it’s different from the heroic roles that I’ve portrayed so far,” he says.

Seasoned star Nagarjuna who received acclaim for his performance in award winning films like Annamayya and Sri Ramadasu, prefers to take the beaten path. “No doubt, I have done some performance oriented roles and I enjoyed portraying them, however, I would like to remain a star than an actor,” he says, emphatically. Taking the middle path, his contemporary Venkatesh likes to strike a balance. “I always try to do a mix since I dislike repeating myself. For every star-driven film like Laxmi and Tulasi, I had meaty roles in Aadavari Matalaku and Eenadu. For me only a good role counts,” he reasons. Even Gen Zstars seem to be in a mood to showcase their acting abilities. Ram Charan Tej is essaying a boy-next-door role in Orange after playing a warrior in Maghadeera, he says “I like to return to the audience with something refreshing every time” and even Naga Chaitanya holds the same view. “My next role would be completely different from Josh and Ye Maaye Chesave,” he says.

E n t re p re n e u rturned-actor Rana chose to begin his innings as an actor than star and grabbed audience attention with an impeccable performance in Leader instead of a routine debut role. “A star son has to follow a set image but the son of a filmmaker like me has the freedom to chalk out his own path and experiment a bit,” he says.

With new generation stars looking for meaty roles, it looks like Tollywood is heading for new age cinema that boasts of realistic and down-to-earth roles.

Courtesy: TOI

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Katrina Kaif Beautiful Photos in Black

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Balakrishna's Heroine Learning Acting

tanushree duttaTanushree Dutta, after years of hanging around the periphery, has now decided to take acting lessons in the US. She’s supposedly going to the to the New York Film Academy for a brief acting workshop. When asked about her ‘break’, she mentioned, “I am going there to brace myself for more realistic cinema. I will be in New York to participate in a fifteen-day workshop in acting at New York University. It’s very important for every actor to renew and refurbish their skills". Thank God Tanushree said it herself. Indirectly she was twiddling her thumbs in Bollywood all these years.

Tanushree Dutta acted in Veerabadhra with Balakrishna.


Gopichand's Golimaar 4 mins Trailer

Poonam Bajwa Photos from Tamil Movie

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