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Komaram Puli audio release date confirmed

This is a great news for Powestar pawan kalyan fans. The much awaited movie PULI's audio will be hitting the market on 11th of july. AR Rahman had composed music for this film. The movie will be releasing in August.

Allu Sirish tweeted today "NEWS : Sony Music sent a marketing mailer that Puli audio is going 2b launched on July 11th. Movie in August."

Hope this movie becomes another Kushi in the direction of S.J Suriya.

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NTR's Shakti with Bollywood Actors

NTR Shakti.JPG
Aswini Dutt-Meher Ramesh-NTR combo is coming once again after Kantri with a high budget movie Shakti. The movie has illeana in the female lead and it has some of the Bollywood actors like yesteryears actress pooja bedi, Jackie shroff and Sonu sood. Currently the movie is being shot in Egypt where some of the important scenes between hero and villian are being picturised. After this schedule, the movie shooting will take place at Ladak, srinagar and haridwar. The movie is going to be the highest budget film ever made in telugu film industry.

Madhurima Photos in Saree

madhurima photos.JPG

Beauitful Actress Praneetha Photos

Check out the photos of Kannada Actress Praneeta who is currently acting in Telugu movie Bava with Siddarath and another movie with Tanish.

Praneetha actress

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

‘It’s not Ramayan, it’s the Raavayan’

abishek bachanIn his current flick, Abhishek portrays a dark character, which many consider inspired from Ramayan’s Ravan. But, AB says, “It’s not Ramayan, it’s the Raavayan.” Also, talking about his experience of working on the project with such a large cast, he says, “One would be doing the insanest of things in the harshest of circumstances, but everyone was supportive.” Talking of his role, Abhishek says, “Beera is the most challenging character and role I’ve ever done. I’d said the same about Guru and the same about Yuva. Mani has given me the most defining works of my life.”

Courtesy: TOI

Charmy Mangala Photos

It seems charmy has lost her glamour. Check out her new photos in the film Mangala.
charmy photos

Monday, June 14, 2010

Trisha in Love with Indian Dogs !!

trishaTrisha is in love. But hold on, we aren’t referring to the latest man in her life but her craze for Indian dogs. The actress, whose liking for animals is quite wellknown, is now all set to wear an angelic avatar for the cause of Indian dogs. “I am really pleased to be the brand ambassador for the adoption of Indian dogs. I’m endorsing something that I truly believe in and my joy knows no boundaries,” begins the pretty actress.

She continues, “I’m on the move every day and see many dogs lying in the garbage and loitering on the streets. It’s heartbreaking when I see them. People should understand that Indian dogs can be well-bred too. You may wonder what difference adopting a dog might make, but it does have a great effect on the animal.”

Does that mean that she is campaigning for the adoption of dogs and not buying them? “Exactly! But I do not prefer to call them stray as I consider every animal special. Six years ago, I had adopted Cadbury (an Indian dog) and he’s now the darling of my family. In fact, he is my karmic buddy,” muses Trisha.

Quiz the actress if she grew close to any animal while shooting and she replies with a grin. “During the shoot of my Telugu film NuvvostananteNenoddanta na, I became close with the pomeranian in the film. He provided me great company throughout the shoot. On that note, let me also tell you that I am against shooting with animals illegally.”

The dog-lover in Trisha is now all excited as she truly hopes that she will be able to help spread word about the noble cause through her latest campaign. “Adopt a dog and treat him or her like a family member. That’s the mantra,” she winds up.

Courtesy: TOI

Thursday, June 10, 2010

NTR, RCT, Allu Arjun 's Powerful Roles !!

ntr ramcharan teja.JPGPrompted by the success of Ram Charan Tej in Magadheera and Balakrishna in Simha, a bunch of T-town rising stars are set to shrug off their ‘boy-next-door’ image to don larger-than-life roles. Besides expanding their fan base, what seems the topmost thing on the youngsters’ minds is to get closer to the coveted superstar tag.

The Telugu audience are known for their star worship. Actors like NTR, Krishna, Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna were bestowed with a demi-god status by their fans, thanks to the mythological roles that were a hit with the moviebesotted public.

Taking a cue from his predecessors, NTR Jr, took up the mantle early in his career and churned out roaring hits like Aadhi and Simhadri to join the big league. “Initially, I was a bit apprehensive but gradually I could fit into those roles with ease,” say the actor who will be essaying an authorbacked role in big budget extravaganza Shakti. “Yes. NTR is playing a larger-than-life role but I can’t reveal much,” says producer Priyanka Dutt.

Now NTR Jr’s colleagues – Allu Arjun, Siddharth and Rana are set to go for the big catch. Famed lover boy Allu Arjun vouches for the transition in his career. “I have done enough of boy-nextdoor roles, so it’s high time I move on to another level. Larger-than-life roles are one good option since it offers bigger span and grandeur, besides reaching out to a wider section of the audience,” says the actor, who will appear in a new avatar in his upcoming film Badrinath. His buddy and colleague Ram Charan Tej is also giving the genre another shot with Merupu. “I am fortunate to get such a powerful role so quickly after Magadheera,” he said.

Onscreen lover boy Siddharth is also going for a complete revamp of his image with his upcoming untitled film. “Siddharth will be seen in a new avatar and will grab the audience attention as an endearing and lovable warrior,” says producer Devineni Prasad. Not to be left behind, even one-film old Rana is trying to dabble with a heroic role in his upcoming film with director Selvaraghavan and has hit the gym to get the right look to fit into the role of a valiant tribal lad. “It has a tribal backdrop and it will be a powerful star-centric film,” says thespian Ramanaidu.
Filmmaker Boyapati Srinu, who tasted success with Simha, justifies big stars donning heroic roles. “Audience and fans will have huge expectations, so we need to cater to them by designing roles that would befit the star’s established images,” he reasons.

Agreed that superstars make larger-than-life roles believable but most of the starcentric movies haven’t been able to spin BO magic. “Old wine in new bottle, seldom works. Besides an invincible protagonist, we need to pick a solid plot and give equal footage to the heroine and antagonist to make a well-knitted screenplay. It worked for me. I know that the industry is loaded in favour of hero-oriented roles but in the end, only a good story will grab audience attention,” says MS Raju, filmmaker who made superstars out of stars like Mahesh and Prabhas with Okkadu and Varsham.

Courtesy: TOI

Actress Tapsee Photo Gallery

Check out the new photos of Jhumandi Nadam girl Tapsee.
Tapsee Jhumandi nadam heroine.JPG

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