Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Genelia Prefers South Movies to Bollywood?

genelia.jpgEven though Genelia D'Souza's last Hindi film was Chance Pe Dance she is in no rush to shoot another Bollywood flick. She is rather busy shooting for South Indian films back to back. The actress has just started shooting for another film called Velayudham which also stars Hansika Motwani. The shoot is currently on in Malaysia. She is also busy in shooting for Ramcharan Teja's Orange in Telugu.

However, Genelia is quite a believer in protection from the evil eye. Recently she was required to shoot a scene where there was a crowd in the background. So her make-up man did something to save her from attracting bad spirits. "My make-up man put a small mark with kajal behind my ear to protect me from nazar," informs the actress. "Sweetest gesture I must say," she adds. Now we know why Genelia prefers doing more movies down south than taking chances in Bollywood!

Courtesy: DC

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