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Rakta Charitra Review

Rakta Charitra review.
Movie: Rakta Charitra
Cast: Vivek Oberai, Surya, Shatrughan Sinha, Priyamani, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Radhika Apte etc
Director: Ram Gopal Varma

RGV's Rakta Charitra premier show finished in Dubai, here is the review of rakta charitra from Dubai.

1st Half:
  • Movie Opened on gandhi Statue. Characters were introduced. Kota entered in a superb style. BGM leading the story so far.
  • Vivek oberoi introduced with titles. Entire movie is going in ash color grading.
  • Rivalry started. Killings in new style.
  • BGM is out of the world it seems. Actually BGM is driving the story forward. Cinematography is excellent for now.
  • Vivek into action. Looking so aggressive. His career best it seems.
  • Vivek started attacking his rivals. Episodes are high voltage.
  • Heroine looking very fresh. In a high voltage movie like RC she looks refreshing.
  • Movie Tempo so far so good. RGV is back to his good olden days in narrative. Narrative is with full authority.
  • Vivek started leading the family. Pasie wale song started.
  • Killer of Vivek's father killed by vivek. Movie is on a intense note.
  • BGM is top class.
  • Attack on Kota is in different style. The only his is remaining. Actor donned the role looking terrific.
1st half Report:
  • Vivek leading the first half .
  • Kota is top class.
  • BGM is aweosme.
  • Movie is very much intense.
  • BGM is mind blowing,top notch,out of the worlds etc add any superlative.
  • Photography is damn good.
  • RGV is back.
RGV Rakta Charitra
2nd Half:
  • A well noted film star entry into politics.
  • both the groups prepare for elections.
  • Reddy group fears the film star party. Political game started.
  • Lobbying the leader ship of the village.
  • Vivek turned from attacker to people supporter.
  • Vivek contesting from Film Star party. Nothing bad against NTR as rumored.
  • Vivek won the election and chosen as minister.
  • Men in Action.Vivek looks changed. Movie leaidng intopower turned,action packed, fast paced. Over taking enemies.
  • Important character in the movie introduced.
  • Plan of killing vivek,went in vain.
  • RGV taking is top class.
  • Vivek's attack on enimies shown well. City locations chosen well.
  • Bukka Reddy, the main rival Killed.
  • Political imbalance against vivek. paty leader supports him.
  • Vivek's dashing style and dialogs are impressive.
  • Vivek is amazng. his smoking style may become a fashion form now. Surya's entrance in part 2. Movie ends here.
Final Report:
RGV is back with bang with Rakta Charitra. The movie reaches the expectation as per the preview talk. Final outcome will be known by tomorrow. Here are the highlights of the movie:
  • Kota dilaogs aweosme
  • Vivek is terrific
  • BGM is aweosme
  • photography is damn good
  • Bukka reddy the guy is terrific with his attire
  • Intense movie
  • Technically brilliant.
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