Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top 10 movies of 2009 in Tollywood !

2009 is not a good year for Tollywood. With only few hits at the box office, T-issue at the end of the year become nightmares for telugu film industry. Not a single movie of top Stars like Mahesh babu, NTR jr, Nagarjuna and Pawan kalyan were released. Here is the list of top 10 films in the 2009:
  • Magadheera - Got Huge collections, biggest ever in the history of Tollywood with 57 crores gross.
  • Arundathi - The first hit of the year collected 30 crores.
  • Kick - Raviteja - illeana starrer collected 22 crores at the box office.
  • 2012 - The Telugu dubbed hollywood movie collected 30 crores at the box office. This film played well even in B and C centers.
  • Avatar - Yet another dubbed movie which tasted huge success at the box office.
  • Bendu Appa Rao
  • Gopi Gopika Godavari
  • Akasamantha
  • Ride
  • Aarya 2
Hope 2010 brings lot of smiles in Tollywood with Adhurs, Leader, Namo venkatesa, Kedi lined up for release soon.

NTR jr is the assistant of Bramhanandam !!

Yes, hearing this was really funny. NTR jr will be acting as assistant to Comedy King Bramhanandam in the film Adhurs. He will be acting as a Brahmin Pandit. Yesterday on the eve of new year, NTR and VV Vinayak gave an exclusive interview and in that NTR Said, "We listened to almost 40-50 stories before this story and this story was born from the point, How will be the film if NTR acts as an assistant to Bramhanandam?" NTR was playing dual role in the film. In the film, during the childhood both the characters of NTR will get separated. Nayanatara and Sheela are playing female leads in the film. The film is set to hit the screens for sankranthi.

Asin cant choose between the two!

Asin the South Indian beauty has worked with two Khans - Aamir and Salman. Ask her to chose between them and she says, “You can’t expect me to choose between them. That’s not fair! You can’t compare them. They are poles apart and yet similar. The common factor is that they are both genuine people. They don’t behave as per their image. But when it comes to work they are vastly different. Salman is more spontaneous, while Aamir likes to discuss every shot in detail. I am fortunate to know them both.”

Courtesy: TOI

Photo Feature: Kangna Ranaut on Verve Magazine

Kangna Ranaut who debuted the Tollywood with Ek Niranjan poses on January edition of Verve Magazine. Check out the stunning picture of Kangna below.

Kamalinee Mukherjee Hot Photo Gallery in White

Nagarjuna's KEDI Trailer

Check out the trailer of Nagarjuna-Mamatha Mohandas KEDI movie.

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