Monday, January 4, 2010

Pawan kalyan's Komaram Puli Talkie Part Completed

Pawan kalyan and S J Surya are all set to repeat the magic again with Komaram Puli after blockbuster Kushi. Nikesha Patel is being introduced as heroine with this film. The film completed its talkie part recently.Oscar Winner AR Rahaman is providing music for this film.The makers are planning to release the movie in the same date of Kushi. Hope Pawan continues his success with this film.

Leader RaNa said 'Jai Telangana'

Its becoming common now-a-days that the film shootings are being stopped on sets due to Telangana issue. Already Mahesh babu,Allu arjun, NTR shooting was stopped once by T-agitators. Now young hero RaNa become the victim. RaNa who was shooting for Leader at Singerani was interrupted by Telangana activists. And then RaNa had said 'Jai Telangana' in order to continue the shooting.

All the Heros please check out, if some activists of Samikya andhra comes just say Jai Samikya Andhra and when activists of Telangana comes say Jai Telangana. Its as simple as that!!

Priyamani with Bharat Photos from Tamil movie

Shocking and Memorable Incidents of Bollywood in 2009

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