Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KCR's daughter Kavitha need to be realized !

Kavitha KCR DaughterKCR's daughter Kavitha gave a statement that they will stop releasing of Adhurs movie in Telangana region. Yesterday on a Live show in Sakshi TV, a caller from Hyderabad questioned her about banning Adhurs film. He said that its our Telugu film and there is no separate Kalama Talli for Telangana, Andhra and Rayalseema. Kavita was surely embrassed with the caller and she said, "All the film personalities need to come out to give their views about Telangana issue."

Even Party leaders like Chandrababu Naidu, Rosaiah are unable to give their views, how can she expect film personalities to come for support? Can she go to Andhra region and ask the people to support Telangana? Everyone knows that most of the Heroes in Telugu film industry are from Andhra region. It doesn't mean that those Heroes can only support to their regions but atleast they should be diplomatic for their own survival! Some of my friends, who are from Telangana are in support of Samikya Andhra, if those people go to JAC or Kavitha and express their views will you people accept? They want PEACE instead of PIECE.

Logically speaking, if film actors support one region they will definitely loose their market in other region for atleast sometime. Hence they don't want to talk about the issue.

By stopping big movies like Aarya2, Adhurs Telangana people are getting more loss than producers. Producers will sell their prints at high prices and at the end, theater owners and people who live on theaters are real losers. Unfortunately they will be from Telangana. Atleast think about those people and please don't interrupt any of the Telugu movies in Telangana region.

My Personal Feeling:
I guess to maintain peace in the state, TRS need to be merged with Congress and by making Mr. KCR as CM will resolve the issue upto a certain extent. Being a CM from Telangana region, he can promise his people that in the next 4 years he can develop Telangana region very fastly even if they are United. Since all Andhra people want United Andhra, they need to accept KCR as CM and since Telangana people wants development, KCR may fulfill them. To establish peace in AP people need to compromise in one way or the other after-all Life is a big Compromise.

-Gopinath Reddy.

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